Top Buenos Aires Milongas

Argentina Travel Posted on 04/02/2020

The art and passion of tango lives in the spirit of Argentina, and some say that a trip to Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete without some type of tango interaction. Even if you don’t know how to tango (or dance in general), there are still places where you can relax, take a class and join if you like. We’re giving you our favorite milongas in Buenos Aires, unknown and known.

Los LaurelesAvenida Iriarte 2290
This is a very old milonga that takes you back in time, full of a mix of young and old locals. With a free lesson at 9:30, you’ll want to make a reservation ahead of time as the place fills up!

Salón CanningScalabrini Ortiz 1331
A Monday, Tuesday and Friday classic. At this milonga you’ll find a mix of ages as well as fashion: many dresses but also many pairs of jeans. This is a popular one amongst other foreigners as it has classes of all levels.

La CatedralSarmiento 4006
This beautiful old cathedral is full of mostly foreigners dining and watching tango. Be one of the few who are brave enough to dance!

GricelLa Rioja 1180
Barrio (neighborhood) is a word used to describe this milonga, meaning that it’s very local and that few foreigners know of it. This milonga is traditional and classic, usually drawing an older crowd.

SunderlandLugones 3161
A Saturday classic with terrible lights, bad sound and a floor of a basketball court (as it’s the neighborhood sport’s club) doesn’t sound attractive. However, these are where the best dancers go. They go in pairs and the only people who enter the dance floor are the ones that dance very well.

La GlorietaBarrancas De Belgrano
As the only milonga to be regularly outside in open air on Sundays, it’s a magical experience dancing surrounded by trees. You’ll have to go early though (it ends at 11pm) and continue in another milonga afterwards. This free venue offers classes early on in the evening.

La Milonga de ArtigasArtigas 690
This milonga is open only one Saturday per month in the neighborhood Flores. It was made in an old house where culinary students prepare the food at a great price. This is another local joint with lots of charm.

Floreal MilongaCesar Diaz 2453
Floreal is another local milonga that is open on Sundays as an ideal choice to head to after La Glorieta, accompanied by good food.

La VirutaArmenia 1366
Although this milonga is more similar to a club tan a milonga as it is much more commercialized and well-known to tourists, it has a great weekend feel. Come at 3:30am when the other milongas close and the fanatics rejoin here to dance until dawn.

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