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Posted on 09/12/2015 Tips & Recommendations

Top 5 Insider Tips for your Bariloche Vacation

Ah, Bariloche, home to many breathtaking mountains surrounding various glistening lakes as well as every chocolate-lover’s paradise. Bariloche was named by the Chilean’s, and in the original language Bariloche means “people from the other side of the mountains” since the Andes is the divider between the two countries.

If you’re headed to Argentina, scan over our insider’s tips for the best Bariloche vacation possible, or use this as inspiration to buy that ticket!

1. Expect hills like San Francisco!

The streets in Bariloche are quite steep and you’ll want to bring along the most comfortable shoes to keep you from keeling over in pain (I’m being dramatic, but still, lace up those sneakers).

2. Chocolate: Treat Yo’Self

Bariloche makes some pretty amazing chocolate, and depending on your tastes, you should leave with a happy belly full of antioxidants (let’s pretend that that’s all chocolate is). For the creamiest chocolate, you’ll want to check out Mamuschka, which has heavenly mousse-filled chocolate bars.

For the best bitter chocolate, there’s a factory called Benroth, run by two Europeans who took forever to put up a sign outside since the people were constantly coming simply by word of mouth!

3. Don’t let date night slide

Kandahar: 20 de Febrero 698. The most romantic restaurant in the area: a small house (better to make reservations in advance) where they prepare delicate dishes and wonderful desserts…make sure you ring the bell outide to get in!

4. Leave downtown

The best parts of Bariloche are not in the center of town. To fully appreciate the landscape, it’s more than worth your while to travel a few kilometers out of the center (in the direction of Llao Llao). There you will find quiet beaches, great scenic look out sites and small breweries to visit and stop for a beer.

5. Pubs over clubs

When the high school students are on vacation, they will be in the center drinking, singing and having a good time. They also, however, invade the nightclubs. If it’s this time of the year that you’re on your Bariloche vacation, opt for a night out at the bar instead of the club.

A Bariloche vacation are one-of-a-kind, as you can experience Patagonia while still enjoying city activities. You won’t even feel guilty about skipping your workout with all the hills you’ll be walking up! Do you need any other reason to go?

Have you been to Bariloche already? Share your tips for a great Bariloche vacation with us on Twitter! Or, to see the beautiful area yourself, get in touch with a Say Heuque agent today!

Written by Abby LeCleir

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