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Posted on 06/28/2013 Foodies' Guide Tips & Recommendations

Top 5 Brew Pubs of Buenos Aires

We can imagine that in this land of wine it is difficult to find a good ice-cold beer, yet it is not impossible. In these 5 great brew pubs in Buenos Aires you can enjoy a good atmosphere, meet new people and have a pint (or three) of liquid gold. Buenos Aires now hosts more than 20 original microbreweries crafting great tasting beer, which are always a welcome break from the national favorite Quilmes and the popular foreign beers Stella Artoise, Heineken and Isenbeck. Microbreweries (cervecerias) have become so popular that demand for quality and good tasting beer has pressured industrial brewery giants to start selling stout and ale versions of their own standard beers. If you have been travelling in South America and are passing through Buenos Aires make sure to stop by one of these brew pubs to quench your thirst for some quality beer.

Pouring Beer

Get your beer on in Buenos Aires

1. Buena Birra Social Club

The closed door restaurant scenery has been growing rapidly in popularity and in the last couple of years Buenos Aires has seen an exponential increase of such locations. Buena Birra Social Club is unique as it takes more of a brew pub format than a restaurant. This venue is the number one place for those who are real beer aficionados and punters. Brewmaster and owner Ariel Golia has, with 10 years of home-brewing experience, has created four perfect types of heady beers. Arial Golia and his sister, Maria Eugenia, have recently decided to open their house from Thursdays to Saturdays for hearty drinkers who desire to drink beers that will tease your taste buds. Great beer is not all this place has to offer, Golia’s concoctions are accentuated by the great beer garden where the hop vines give off a delicate and pleasing fragrance. Also, you will be able to snack on pizzas and piacadas to a rocking soundtrack.

Location: Colegiales

Mobile: 15-6428-3457

Transportation: Bus lines 21, 76, 87 or 140

Open: Thursday to Saturday

Buena Birra Social Club

Find the beer of your liking at Buena Birra Social Club

2. Antares

If you are a real ale lover craving for a proper pint then you will consider Antares a beer haven in this land of wine. Antares is microbrewer with seven pubs in the city, the best out of all locales is the main pub in Armenia street (Palermo Soho). Two other great watering holes of this particular microbrewer are located in Las Cañitas and San Telmo, where Antares beers are on tap. If you are an indecisive person the pub in Palermo offers a tabla de degustacion (degustation tray) with all of its 7 beers. So come along and enjoy the company of all sorts of porteños while enjoying heady beers and all sorts of hearty Bavarian foods as well as tapas, tablas de picadas and a main course cooked using the house beers. This is one of our favorite breweries in Buenos Aires!

Location: Various venues

Phone: Depends on the venue

Transportation: Depends on the venue

Open: Every day


Have a seat in the brew pub Antares!

3. Buller Brewing Company

The Buller Brewing Company was among the first to open shop with the desire to bring back the elaboration of artisanal beers and create brews with unique tastes and flavors. This avant-garde venue is located in the impressive and beautiful neighborhood of Recoleta, right next to the famous Recoleta cemetery. The Buenos Aires Buller Brewing Company is always proud to display and serve its 6 signature beers which can be accompanied by international dishes, picadas and pizza.

Location: Recoleta

Phone: 4808-9061

Transportation:  Bus lines 10, 17, 37, 59, 60 or 130

Open: Every day from 12


Beer Tasting in Buenos Aires

4. Gibraltar

Gibraltar is not your usual Buenos Aires brew pub; it is an authentic British pub offering a wide selection of ales, stouts, lagers and ciders. Great-tasting beer and an impressive array of whiskies can be found at this place and at a good price. This is why this venue is favored as an after-office haven and a drink-till-you-drop venue for expats and backpackers and tempts everyone with its daily happy hour starting at 6pm and ending at 10pm. A good beer is seldom great without mouth-watering food; Gibraltar offers spicy Thai curries, beef and ale pies and of course fish and chips.

Location: San Telmo

Transportation:  Bus lines 9, 10, 24, 28, 29, 64 or 70

Open: Every day from 12


Inside The Gibraltar Bar

5. Cossab

Cossab is great option as well; it is an artisanal microbrewery (cerveceria artesanal) with a six elaborate house beers all with great taste, aroma and body of a properly brewed cerveza. With its Bohemian surroundings the bar is a great place to sit and down a few beers with friends. It is best to go to Cossab on Wednesday or Thursday as for a mere 19 pesos you can have all-you-can-eat pizza. On any other given day, the menu is also recommended, all of the food here is suited to accompany good beer.

Location: Balvanera

Phone: 4925-2505

Transportation:  Bus lines 9, 10, 24, 28, 29, 64 or 70

Open: Every day from 12


The Entrance to Cossab

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