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Posted on 01/29/2018 Welcome to South America

Top 4 South American Festivals You Need to Know About

South Americans sure know how to celebrate a good time. The festivals, events and other types of fiestas in the lower western hemisphere can rarely be found in some other parts of the world. In some cases, it’s like the whole city turned up for the ultimate party that lasts days and nights.

Not only is the whole city and country committed to these celebrations, but people from other parts of the world take part too. So, what exactly are these festivals, keep reading below to learn.

San Antonio de Areco in Argentina

The Festival San Antonio de Areco in Argentina is all about cowboys–or shall we say gauchos?–riding along the edges of Parque Crillio in the brittle air of November. This stunning manifestation makes all of the spectators wish that they had taken up horsebackriding, or perhaps that cars should have never been invented.

The festival will give you an adrenalin rush just by watching the strong stallions galloping along side streets, with the hoofs of the horses clapping along the cobblestoned streets and the gauchos flying by their houses. This epic South American carnival will stay in your memories for ever.


The energetic carnival depicted in the movie Rio is a diluted version of what actually happens in the annual carnival of Rio de Janeiro. The real deal is a truly incredible experience.

The energy, the excitement and the spirit of everyone is sky high during this internationally famous event, which is known world over for its uniquely wild celebrations. It has gained such a grand reputation over the years that simply the word ‘Carnival’ brings pictures of Rio de Janeiro to mind, even if you have never been there. This event is a fusion of street parades and a dance by the masses to upbeat samba music. This electrifying event must be attended by everyone with even an atom’s size of party animal in them. The official Rio Carnival will begin on Friday, 9 February 2018 and will end on 14th of the same month.

Wine Harvest Festival

The wine festival in Argentina is a subdued event compared to the aforementioned two, but that doesn’t affect its charm or thrill.  Since Mendoza is the heart of Argentina’s wine community, there couldn’t be a more suitable location for the wine festival celebrated in early March every year.

The festival has wine, food, fireworks and beauty contest lined of for the spectators. All in all, it’s a wonderful festival to attend in order to unwind and relax. It’s less flashy,  but equally as fun.

Tapati Festival in Easter Island

Tapati festival in Easter Island is bit wacky, but then, so are most people in the world. If the wackiness matches, why not celebrate it?

This festival is just a bunch of events happening in which you encounter men and women with their bodies painted, dancing at the lip of a volcano. Then, as you go skidding down the hill, you are greeted by a roaring crowd. It’s all very vivid, brilliant and vague at the same time. This festival takes the definition of letting go to a whole new level.

If you are in a mood for some partying, better start planning your trip in advance.

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