The Top 4 Family Attractions in Peru

South America Travel Posted on 02/01/2018

The land of Incas, history, and rugged appeal, Peru, is one of the best choices for a fun family vacation. The country of Peru celebrates history, tradition and culture every day, but also holds unknown mysteries of a secret past, which creates a sense of fascination for everyone. Here are the top four family attractions in Peru.

1. The Peruvian Amazon

A family that goes to tropical adventures together definitely stays together. And that’s exactly what the misty Peruvian Amazon rainforest has in store for you and your family. In this amazing rainforest of Peru, you can stay in a jungle lodge, kayak on the River Tambopata and explore the native farms together. This adventurous trip will be as educational as it will be fun. The kids and you will learn all about medicinal benefits of rainforest plants and will see how the beautiful butterflies transform. In short, the Peruvian Amazon is an adventurous playground for families where they can experience the nomadic way of adventure away from the normal happenings of everyday urban life.

2. Cusco

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Cuzco is one of the oldest cities of Peru. The entire city, not just a given district or neighborhood, is a point of attraction with integrated history found throughout the city, from the striking street corners down to the sidewalks. Every single aspect of this attraction offers clues of a past golden era in Peru. The antiquated architecture with an old-town feel shows where the past clashes with the present. Cusco’s ancient walls and roads have earned it the nickname: the birthplace of the world. It’s a family friendly city where you and the family can traverse the town and marvel at the captivating sights that you may bear witness.

3. Machu Picchu

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This destination is the most unforgettable attraction of Peru. Once you visit Machu Picchu, you and your family will not be able to stop raving about it. Machu Picchu is everything you might have heard and more. Since its discovery in the modern age, researchers still are dumfounded as to the original purpose of this incredible place. Make the mystery an opportunity for the kids to become their own travel experts, taking guesses about the original story of this wonder of the world. Better yet, enjoy nature´s magic with this Incan “lost city.” It is surrounded by a magical cloud forest and is watered by natural springs. And as you stand in front of it, waiting for the clouds to clear, the mesmerizing view of the ancient ruins will appear and truly take your breath way. Children and adults alike will love this scenic act of magic that appear in front of them, not to mention, the train ride that will take them there. 

4. Incan Empire

Want to witness the largest empire of the 16th century? Get caught in time and discover the Incan Empire with the whole family. Experience the fun of exploring the ruins with your family and discover memories you can take with you by finding souvenirs in the artisanal market found in town. When the desire for a little adventure strikes, there are a number of family friendly activities along the way that all of you can enjoy – brave mountain biking, rafting, or even some light trekking with family. When night falls, cuddle up for some well needed sleep in one of the many cozy and comfortable hotels along the way.

Explore Peru that contains such a variety of attractions some known and others still a mystery. It will truly be a unique experience that will stay with you throughout your life time. You can leave the planning and worrying part to us, and visit Peru with only excitement and adventure on your mind.

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