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Posted on 09/26/2015 Foodies' Guide

The Three Best Unknown Cafes in Buenos Aires

It’s no secret that Buenos Aires has a huge café culture. Cafés are one of Porteños’ favorite spots; they love getting together around a table to discuss life, politics and the results of yesterday’s soccer match while sipping on a cortado. The variety of coffeehouses in every neighborhood of Buenos Aires is impressive, whether the coffeeshop’s style is old fashioned, trendy, bohemian, girly, simple, or even if they’re international chains. No matter what your go-to is, there is one type of coffeehouse that intrigues everyone: the unknown ones.

Don’t expect to find these on Trip Advisor, as very few people know of these next 3 cafés I’m about to share with you. They each have different (can I say pinteresting?) features that set them apart: one that has a secret museum, the other a bohemian center and the last an authentic Porteño café. These are three places where the city’s unique energy dwells.

Bar Palacio – Federico Lacroze Av. 3901

This pink corner is situated near the Chacarita train station. A coffeeshop intertwined with a photography museum, there are thousands of cameras from all time periods, sizes and styles that decorate this peculiar bar. Exquisite croissants and café con leche are served to tables that contain cameras behind the glass. If you’re even the slightest bit interested in photography, this is a must-see; additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the “barrio feel” of underrated Chacarita.

Musseta Caffé – Billinghurst 894

Almagro is one of the most vibrant and bohemian neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, which is quite representative of this next coffeeshop. With most of the floor being fake grass, sit on the ground and feel like you’re Alice stepping into Wonderland instead of one of the cafes in Buenos Aires. Before you sit down to enjoy your coffee, don’t forget to choose one of the books from the darling little library. The ambiance is beyond cozy, homey and vintage, and it’s quite usual to see young people sitting in the street and simply talking for hours. Soft lighting inside this café makes even the most casual coffee dates feel like an intimate reunion. This café has the best vibes for writing, working or reading – so whip out that Hemingway and let your afternoon slip into the days of old.

La Nueva Martona – Corrientes Av. 1489

This is a lovely, cozy and classic bar hidden behind a newspaper/magazine stand. The bar has the shape of an “s” with a bit of Spanish influence and a picture of a smiling Carlos Gardel on the left wall. Sandwiches and coffee are the go-to here, and the customers are attended to by the owner, Paco, a gentle and warm host of his bar. He is quick to make you feel comfortable and at home. La Martona is a secret treasure in a very famous part of the city, making it one of the most classic cafes in Buenos Aires.

These three cafes in Buenos Aires are the kind of places where Porteños look for a resting point, a conversation, a smile and a recovering cup of coffee. Which one will you explore first?

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Written by Florencia Migliorisi

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