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Posted on 12/28/2015 Foodies' Guide

Three Best Romantic Cafes in Buenos Aires

Maybe it’s date night with your significant other after a year of being together, or maybe it’s a first date. Either way, you don’t want it to be a dud. Being at the right place at the right time can change a couple’s story, and that is what this article is about: making a difference when it comes to going on a date (also: no better place than the cafes in Buenos Aires!).

Buenos Aires has plenty of amazing spots for this; Porteños usually choosing to op for cafes with terraces and outdoor seating. These are our chosen three cafes in Buenos Aires where a date can be an enjoyable, memorable experience. Cue blush.

Café Museo Evita – Juan María Gutierrez St. 3926 (Palermo Chico)

This café is home to possibly the prettiest terrace in Buenos Aires. Located in Palermo Chico, it is right next to the Evita Museum, which is worth paying a visit in and of itself. Come to relax and enjoy this oasis full of different greenery, flowers and trees. This is an ideal place for drinking a fresh juice and sharing (or not sharing) a piece of cake with that special someone.

Paul French Gallery – Gorriti 4865 (Palermo Soho)

This is a very exclusive and hidden café in Palermo that holds one of the most luxurious deco galleries in Palermo. Delicate tea selection and distinguished coffee combined with an utterly beautiful setting create a moment that’s almost impossible to be without romance. Flowerpots, deck chairs and nathural light create a peaceful atmosphere perfect for sharing an unforgettable evening date.

This kind of soothing environment changes your mood and lessens the sting of a bad day. By the end of the date, you might even be more willing to buy some of the deco items around you or indulge in a glass of red wine to extend the meeting.

Olsen – Gorriti 5870 (Palermo Soho)

This is the only Scandinavian style bar in Buenos Aires; it was designed by Horacio Gallo, a very fine and exclusive designer in the city. In terms of the setting, wood structures, creamy colors and softly curved surfaces communicate serenity, peace and beauty. A date should have better-than-average details to make it extra special. Food and drinks are inspired by Nordic cuisine, coffee and exotic pastries are a plus. A table in Olsen’s courtyard is where all the magic happens.

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Written by Florencia Migliorisi

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