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Posted on 11/30/2015 Foodies' Guide

Three Best Cafes in Buenos Aires to Go to With Friends

Friendship enhances life, and cafés are a natural environment for friendships to flourish. They allow people to meet, have a conversation, look into each other’s eyes (that’s right—put down the smart phone), solve a problem, undertake a project and to generally just share time.

Cafés allow friends to meet in a neutral ground, outside of the office and house, enjoy a cup of coffee and feel like they own the table for that short while. These are three cafes in Buenos Aires that create sense of belonging. They are warm and unique places where you’ll want to come back to (and let’s face it: you’ll get credit for introducing your friends to your new catch-up spot).

San Bernardo – Corrientes 5436 (Villa Crespo)

Picture a game hall full of young people chilling out on a weeknight: welcome to San Bernardo. Apart from drinking coffee and beer, the main attraction is playing ping pong (free on Tuesdays, holla!), pool, foosball and cards. Major ping pong tournaments take place in San Bernardo, one of the biggest cafes in Buenos Aires. The bar, right at the entrance, receives you with hundreds of bottles of every color and shape. It is a traditional place for youngsters and old men to rally and enjoy a beer. This creates an exceptional atmosphere due to mutual respect and enjoyment of doing what they love the most: spending time with friends. San Bernardo is a place where everybody wants to hang out.

Ninina Bakery – Gorriti 4738 (Palermo)

A trendy coffee stop with a communal table perfect for hanging out, organizing a trip or a meeting with coworkers. Coffee, food and visual experience are the three aspects that are highly looked after. The highlights are the great quality of the coffee and the vegetarian food options, the dynamic interior of shining tiles and the marble bar, and the location on Gorriti street tops it all off. In the heart of Palermo Soho neighborhood, it almost has the atmosphere of a coffee shop you’d stumble upon in New York City and linger to gab for hours.

El Federal – Carlos Calvo y Perú (San Telmo)

Historical café located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires: San Telmo. It has wooden tables that you can easily push together for a large group. El Federal serves a simple coffee, however the croissants with jam and cheese are a must-try. “Picadas” are the house specials, which is a plate containing little pieces of different cheeses, salami, pastrami, olives and all kinds of other nibble-ons. It’s perfect for extending the evening with a cold craft bee, and is a great example of what old cafes in Buenos Aires looked like 50 years ago and is definitely a hot spot in San Telmo.

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Written by Florencia Migliorisi

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