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Posted on 10/19/2015 Foodies' Guide

Three Best Cafes in Buenos Aires for Coffee Snobs

Drinking high quality coffee has become a hit in Buenos Aires; the experience of tasting different kinds of beans and learning to sample and savor the beverage is growing on Porteños. Baristas are the ones to thank, being professionals anxious to deliver a high quality coffee. Because of their dedication and passion, the cafes in Buenos Aires will never be the same.

They use specific tools and extreme precision for transforming coffee into a drink everyone wants to consume. It doesn’t help that they also love what they do. To them, serving coffee is not just a profitable business, but a delightful passion. Here are my top three places in Buenos Aires where quality coffee is celebrated.

All Saints Café – Ciudad de la Paz 2300 (Belgrano)

Located in a trendy corner of Belgrano neighborhood, All Saints Café could perhaps be considered a hipster, Porteño version of a Starbucks. Here, you order at the register, your name is written on your cup and the whole sha-bang. A strong aroma of freshly ground coffee beans welcomes you as the indie background music and wicked-fast Wi-Fi invites you to stay.

Sit at the wooden bar and admire the place’s rusty architectural details as you’re served an outstanding, foamy coffee (and the pastries are also worth a nibble). Apart from the excellent coffee quality, there are many places to sit and type away at your laptop or gossip with a friend over a delicious cup of coffee.

Lattente – Thames 1891 (Palermo Soho)

A group of talented Colombians set up this small café and managed to take coffee to a higher level in Buenos Aires. Professional baristas prepare coffee as if it was a science formula that ends with an outstanding result. Unpretentious, simple decoration, dark grey walls and wooden tables emphasize the idea that tasting your coffee is the main attraction at this place.

In the mornings and afternoons, this coffeehouse is packed with people lining up for a cup of aromatic Colombian blend and a piece of delicious patisserie. It has become an interesting meeting point in Palermo for coffee lovers and an amazing opportunity to experience coffee textures and aroma, making it one of the best cafes in Buenos Aires.

Coffee Town – Bolivar 976 (San Telmo)

These people take coffee very seriously: they study everything about it, travel the world looking for the perfect textures and aromas and take part in the World Barista Championship. The result is a coffeeshop with the most complete list of international coffee beans you can image. These trained baristas will explain to you the difference between a Brazilian and Zanzibar blend.

Many coffee machines are displayed in order to show how versatile coffee preparation can be. It is located inside one of the hot spots of San Telmo neighborhood: the old market. After a stroll around the market, viewing antiques antiques, or even watching a butcher slice meat for the locals, a dense and creamy coffee is a superb experience, and you can’t order wrong at one of the best cafes in Buenos Aires.

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Written by Florencia Migliorisi

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