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Posted on 10/29/2012 Inspirational Trips & News

Things to Do in Iguazu Falls National Park

There’s a lot to see around the beautiful Iguazu National Park so make sure to put on your most comfortable walking shoes!

Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre is an Eco–Museum that details the biodiversity of the jungle and make you familiar with the habitat that is protected in the Iguazu Nacional Park. There are two walks available from the Visitor Centre: either you take the Sendero Verde or the Sendero Macuco.

Estación Cataratas

One of the most important things to do in Iguazu Falls National Park is of course to see the waterfalls. From the Estacion Cataratas you will have two different trails (circuits) to choose from: First you have the Upper Circuit, which takes you through the upper falls area. It is about 650 meters long and presents an amazing overall panoramic view of the falls. This trail has no stairs.

On the path called the Lower Circuit you will “feel” the spirit of the lush forest. It is a circular path of about 1700 meters that leads you to 8 different viewpoints of major importance. Here you can take the Boat for the “Gran Aventura” (no reservation required; boats leave every 15 minutes; price: AR $400) that will take you right under the waterfall. You can also take a boat to Isla San Martin (highly recommended!) where there is a nice beach and a 2 hour-long walk with great views. The boat is free and the crossing takes only three minutes.

There is also the adventurous boat trip that gets up close to the massive Garganta del Diablo waterfalls… get ready to get wet!

The Sendero Verde is a 600 meters long trail leading you along old footpaths into the forest and allows you to go deep into the heart of the Misionera jungle. This trail leads to “Estacion Cataratas”. This trail has no stairs.

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