Things to Do in El Calafate: Glaciarium

Patagonia Travel Argentina Travel Posted on 01/17/2011

Patagonia, Argentina – a land filled with stunning glaciers and outdoor lovers has taken the initiative to teach visitors about the immense glaciers of Patagonia, among the many things to do in El Calafate.

What is Glaciarium Museum in El Calafate?

things to do in el calafate

The Glaciarium, the first Glacier Museum in Argentina, opened its doors in 2011. Ideally situated in the town of El Calafate, Glaciarium is one of the premiere museums dedicated to glaciology in the world. With state of the art facilities, modern architecture that reflects Patagonian style and a sleek new ice-bar, Glaciarium is the perfect neighbor to El Calafate’s nearby Perito Moreno Glacier and great news for those looking for things to do in El Calafate.

What to see inside the museum

things to do in el calafate

The museum was designed to exemplify the nearby glaciers’ mountainous peaks and echoing caverns. In fact, as you walk through the museum, you feel like you are passing through the heart of a glacier as you learn about different aspects of glaciology and marvel at the natural dioramas. Observe the Patagonian Ice Fields model and gaze upon the majestic Perito Moreno Glacier. In particular, the exhibition halls are designed to “raise ecological awareness and climate change consciousness,” offering visitors a deeper understanding of the environmental and historical importance of glacier ecosystems.

Museum Visit information

The Glaciarium is open year-round, charges US $7 approximately and it’s paid in pesos. Amidst the list of things to do in El Calafate, this museum also offers a modern interpretation center and a 3D movie theater that provides guests with an unparalleled experience. In addition, the museum offers the ultra-modern “Glacio Bar” with ice walls and refreshing drinks served in ice-glasses…a perfect way to reflect upon the day’s adventure at Perito Moreno Glacier.

For further information about the Glaciarium and other things to do in El Calafate or to find out out about trips that visit El Calafate, Patagonia, visit Say Hueque.

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