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Posted on 10/24/2013 Inspirational Trips & News

The Green Film Festival

Culture in harmony with the planet is the message of the 4th edition of the Green Film Festival held from 15-21 of August in Cinemark Palermo. A modern and comfortable location to host the best eco-themed films from all over the world. Films are used as a medium to generate consciousness for the environment and contribute an ecological improvement to the lives of those who watch them.

Cinemark Palermo

Cinemark Palermo

A selection of films covers a range of genres that include documentaries, fiction and animation to produce a wide spectrum from which to promote the recurring message of environmental awareness.

The Green Film Festival searches for an optimistic vision and hope for the change of thought necessary to achieve a better planet for everyone. It does this by promoting and exploring the ideas of renewable energies, sustainability, climate change, conservationism, responsible consumption, recycling, as well as the experiences and philosophies of the lives of people compromised by this ecology.

Green Film Fest

Green Film Fest

Out of the The Green Film Festival come 3 essential ideas:

Semillero (seed)
To encourage the creativity and provide support for the making of independent movies with this environmental theme.

Compensar (to compensate)
The Green Film Festival believes that to create a more sustainable planet we need a level of coherence throughout the world. It seeks to raise awareness for the impact of individual habits on the environment. Following on from this idea, the festival has, since 2011, measured its own carbon footprint and carried out various to actions compensate for its use of energy.

Conectar (to connect)
The festival now has the support of over 60 social and governmental organizations committed to sustainability to increase the dissemination of cultural projects. With this approach it has also gathered public information about local initiatives that can become actively involved and contribute to a real change in society.

At the moment there are editions of the festival in Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, Neuquén and Mendoza. The long term goal of the festival is to bring it to every major city in the country.
Tickets this year are $39 pesos or to see 10 films $350 pesos.

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