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Posted on 02/08/2020 Tips & Recommendations

The 5 Best Estancias in Argentina

We all know how the end of a chaotic week feels like. And the weekend flies faster than a supersonic object. However, if you wish to unwind, and make every single moment of your weekend and vacations count, you better book an estancia for yourself. You can go solo or you can get your best buddies to tag along with you, either way travelling and staying at an estancia will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. And as it happens, estancias in Argentina are some of the best in the world. Here’s a list for you, in case this serene and thrilling getaway destination has piqued your interest.

1. Estancia Huechahue

Visit Estancia Huechahue in the lovely region of Patagonia and get the true taste of real and raw Gaucho life. But that’s not all; the picture presented by the windows of this estancia is truly mesmerizing. The Andean foothills, the Patagonian prairie land, the vast rivers and, the looming mountains are sights for the sore eyes. Even the most worried and apprehensive minds are able to take a break in a place like this. But it is not all a philosophical, thoughtful or a truth-seeking journey and experience. There’s more as the place offers conviviality as well. Enjoy fishing, horse riding, gaucho activities, rafting, and other water and land sports when staying in Estancia Huechahue.

2. Candelaria del Monte

The amazingly beautiful Candelaria Del Monte, in Buenos Aires is an epitome of classic old world charm existing in modern times. This estancia dates back to 18th century, and while it has been rebuilt in 2004 to its present state, the old glory is still seeping out from every pore of this Estancia. The fragrant trees, the flowers, the old country houses, the endless skies of the pampas and the intimate surroundings make Candelaria Del Monte, one of the best estancias in Argentina. If you are craving for freedom, this estancia and its open skies are going to be your comfort.

3. El Cachapé

Every person finds comfort differently. And if your definition of relaxation and unwinding includes adventures, rare flora and fauna, hiking through the jungle, and taking a canoe ride in winding rivers, then El Cachapé just your kind of ranch. Located in North East Argentina, this estancia offers all sorts of escapades into the wild. Wild animals, horse riding and different excursion are all guaranteed entertainments here.

4. Los Potreros

Córdoba is home to the lovely estancia, Los Potreros. This estancia is especially known for the excellent collection of horses they have, and the thrilling horse rides they guarantee. You can ride all the way to the boundless lands of this estancia and even play polo or become an expert in lasso.

5. Club Tapiz

The best thing about this estancia in Mendoza is that it offers a combination of wine and recreation at one place.  Club Tapiz in Mendoza is no different. The 22 acres of vineyards contains historical buildings, private rooms, breathtaking vista, and a chance at free wine tasting every evening.  

If you have never been to a ranch your entire life, you are missing out big. Change that right now and make sure your next trip to Argentina includes staying at one of the best estancias in the world.

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