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Tango World Championship Finals

The end of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival is celebrated with the highly presigious and competitive Tango World Championship. The Tango World Championship consists of two different tango competitions: ballroom tango and stage tango. The Ballroom Tango Final takes place on the second to last day of the festival, and the Stage Tango Final on the last day. Both will take place in the first class dance floor in Luna Park, a grand stadium in the neighborhood of San Nicolas, and begins at 7pm.

Passionate Tango in Buenos Aires

The maximum capacity of the stadium is 10,000 people and a maximum of two seats will be given per person. On these last two days of the festival, the finals are the only organized events, yet the city will still be very much alive with street performances in the neighborhoods such as La Boca, San Nicolas, Palermo and Recoleta.

The Ballroom tango showdown will happen on the second to last day. This is the night where the Ballroom Tango champions will be chosen starting at 7pm. This final is at the most part full of highlights and pleasant surprises from the dancers as they have to improvise according to the tango music a selected by the guest DJ. In addition to the announcement and crowning of the Ballroom Tango Champions, the performance includes a first class orchestra and homages to legendary tango stars.

2012 Tango Champions

The very last event of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Championship will be the Stage Tango final. This competition brings the most outstanding couples in a thrilling final at the impressive first class stage in Luna Park. Like the Ballroom final, starting at 7pm, 20 couples will have to display their technical virtuosity, choreographic creativity and interpretive sensibility to demonstrate which couple is worthy of claiming the title of world tango champions. In addition to the final, the program includes a guest a musical band and a special dancing performance, in 2012 being a dance including all champions and famous dancer María Nieves.

For both finals tickets will be given out for free on the 8th day of the festival until the capacity of 10,000 seats is reached with a maximum of two tickets being given per person. So come out and be amazed be the battle of tango titans!

Tango Championship

Enjoy the Tango World Championship in Luna Park

Luna Park – Avenida Corrientes and Bouchard, in the neighborhood San Nicolas. The finals of the ballroom and stage tango will happen in this impressive stadium, both of these events are exclusive, yet are free, the entry to the finals will be given out for free on the 8th day of the festival starting at 11am at the box office of the Centro de Expocisiones. A maximum of two seats per person will be given out.

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