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Posted on 07/01/2013 Inspirational Trips & News

2013 Buenos Aires Tango Festival – Opening Night Concert

Hosted in Buenos Aires, the Tango World Championship always starts with a thrilling and impressive opening concert. This event is what will initiate two weeks of tango madness and splendor in Buenos Aires. With this event the Minister of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires announces the opening of the new editions of the Tango Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial (Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Championship), beginning mid-August at 20:30 in the state of the art concert hall, La Usina del Arte. 

Opening Orchestra

Last year, the inaugural concert was a special production with famous protagonists such as world renowned violinist, Pablo Agri, and the Orchestra Tipica Sub 25 which is a selection of the greatest musicians of the youngest generation. The event was also comprised of a bundle of new instrumental tango performances including homage to Ernesto Baffa (a celebrated composer). There were also classic and contemporary tango dance performances by famous couples such as Chicho Frúmboli and Juana Sepúlveda as well as Juan Carlos Copes and Johana Copes. The performance created an intergenerational mix of tango musical styles which amazed the crowd time and again. Each year the attendance rate to the festival rises and so the organizing committee vows to make it more exciting and thrilling for the viewers throught original performances and jaw-dropping dances. The 2013 edition of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival promises to be nothing short of amazing.  

La Usina del Arte

For more information about the daily schedule of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Championships, visit Say Hueque’s Tango Guide:

La Usina del Arte located in Avenida Don Pedro de Mendoza 501 and Agustin R. Caffarena, in the Boca neighborhood is a state of the art concert hall presenting at every occasion prestigious performances, the reason for it to host the first event of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. There are two special aspects about this concert hall. The first is that La Usina del Arte is one of the concert halls with the best acoustics in Buenos Aires; this means that even if you are at the very back of the concert hall you will be able to listen to every note and string played by the performing orchestras.

The second is that the Usina del Arte is located in the neighborhood of Boca. La Boca is where many Italian immigrants went to settle and it is said that the origins of tango partly take root in this neighborhood. This makes it special as on your way to the concert hall you will be able to witness countless couples dancing in the area of El Caminito.

The opening concert of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival is free only requiring a previous reservation as only 1200 seats are available. Reservations can be made online or if you want to try your luck you can compete in the raffle that takes place in both Twitter and Facebook.

Usina del Arte – Avenida Don Pedro de Mendoza 501, in the neighborhood Boca. In this building all special productions and milongas will take place, depending on the exclusivity of the event it will be a free (at times requiring previous reservation) or a paid event.

Performers Showing off their Tango Skills

Performers Showing off their Tango Skills

For further information about the Opening day of the 2013 Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Championship, contact adventure travel experts, Say Hueque Argentina Journeys.

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