The Sweetest Patagonia Town: Chocolate in Bariloche

Foodies' Guide Posted on 10/04/2018

A trip to Bariloche always includes fantastic views of rivers and mountains, outdoor adventure sports, and limitless crystal clear lakes. However, that isn’t all this charming town in Patagonia has to offer! Visitors have an additional sweet surprise waiting for them in Bariloche: CHOCOLATE. Bariloche is considered the home of chocolate in Argentina. Take a walk through downtown Bariloche on Mitre Avenue, better known as the “Avenue of Chocolate Dreams,” and your nose will pick up all types of deliciousness. What’s better than a rich and creamy piece of chocolate to keep warm in the Patagonia cold?

The first chocolate factories were built in Bariloche more than 50 years ago, founded by Italian immigrants who wanted to hone their chocolate making craft. They only brought a few recipes and some copper pots, but intended to recreate the delicious dark cocoa they had grown accustomed to in Europe. These first families opened Fenoglio Chocolates and Chocolates del Turista, factories that are still up and running today, continuing to produce high quality chocolate in Bariloche. Visit Bariloche in June during ski season for the National Snow Festival. Chocolate pageants host local competitions and tastings of the best of Bariloche chocolate.

To get the most out of your sweet adventure, the first stop in Bariloche should be at your nearest chocolate factory. Larger factories such as Chocolates del Turista have many branches and are widely available all over the region; basically chocolate department stores for all things chocolate! The majority of the chocolate stores are located on Mitre Avenue, in downtown Bariloche. Make sure to check out the Fenoglio Museo del Chocolate, where you learn about the history of chocolate, the production process, and even watch workers creating chocolate masterpieces in front of you. Smaller shops like Mamushka, Torres, and Rapanui offer high quality chocolate in more limited batches.

Next, decide what type of chocolate you want to buy, which isn’t as simple as it sounds! Glass counters are filled with chocolate “branches”, alfajores, dulce de leche bars, truffles, chocolate bark, and more. Make sure you sample a few to find out which type of chocolate suits you best, and enjoy the tasting in the process. Shop extras, like creamy chocolate ice cream and gift-boxed chocolates, are available for purchase as well. Don’t leave your sweet tooth in Bariloche, and bring home a box (or two!) to remember your travels and savor in the sweet taste of Argentina!

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