Sustainable Tours to Discover Argentina

Transformational travel Posted on 05/20/2022

Our most popular sustainable trips include kayaking in Buenos Aires and Patagonia to exploring vineyards in Mendoza, bike rides and llama walks in North Argentina. Plus, our plant a tree project!

1. Buenos Aires

Biking and kayaking in Delta del Tigre

Visit Buenos Aires and go on a sustainable day tour to “el Delta del Tigre” , a group of islands connected by channels and a lot of vegetation. There is a community living in the islands so you can discover hundreds of houses and private ports while kayaking on the steady waters. The tour starts with a bike ride and then a kayak stroll. Always with a local guide.

  • Very important! Repellent is a must in Delta del Tigre. Sun glasses and water. 
Buenos Aires - Kayak - Tigre

Biking around the city

Buenos Aires  is bursting with cards everyday, any time of the year. However, “ciclovías” or bike paths make it easier to explore the city at your own pace. Plus, bikes are always ahead of traffic! You can enjoy a traditional tour to the southern area of Buenos Aires, the most colorful and famous. Caminito, La Boca, la Bombonera, San Telmo and Parque Lezama are the highlights of this bike trip. Try the bamboo bikes! A real sustainable option to explore Buenos Aires. 

  • You will be provided with a helmet and an English speaking guide will take you wandering.

2. Iguazú Falls

Ecological train

Iguazú National Park is visited by hundreds of thousands every year. It is maybe the most international destination of Argentina after Patagonia. Sustainable tourism is especially important in Iguazú. And the preservation of the vegetation and wildlife of the park too. That is why, you can explore the Argentine side of the park on foot or by an ecological train. This is a relaxing ride but with a stunning end: the Garganta del Diable, the most powerful and huge of all the waterfalls inside the park.

  • Coaties are everywhere in this park. These are like native racoons, but beware not to feed them.
iguazu falls - panoramic view national park

3. Patagonia

Hiking trail in Chlatén

Chaltén is maybe the 100% sustainable destination of Argentina. Everywhere in this little village you can go by walking. And to enjoy walking if for what most people come, specially hiking lovers. All hiking trails are part of the Glacier National Park so you will see some amazing wildlife and vegetation there. Sustainable behavior is crucial for the preservation of these trails.  

  • Hiking sticks are not mandatory but really useful whether you are an experienced hiker or not. 
El Chalten - Fitz Roy

Laguna Nimez natural reserve in Calafate

Near the town of the famous El Calafate you can visit a natural reserve surrounding the Nimez Lagoon. This is home to hundreds of bird species, including the majestic flamenco. In Laguna Nimez you can enjoy a short walk and make the round trip. This is the best place to see the sunset in Calafate.

Kayaking in Tierra del Fuego National Park Ushuaia

Tierra del Fuego National Park definitely is the highlight of Ushuaia. Most people drive to the park and walk inside to places like Bahía Lapataia, the southernmost part of the park. But others take the challenge and go on a kayaking trip to explore the marvelous waters inside the park. These are the waters of hundreds of beevers too!

Trekking and Canoeing in Tierra del Fuego National Park

4. Mendoza

Biking in the vineyards

Sustainable tours are about reinventing how we connect with traditional places. And wine tours in Mendoza are a classic stop. After enjoying gourmet food and one or two glasses of the best wine in Argentina, you can go for a ride through the vineyards. The best way to explore the land and see how people do their artisan work and take care of grapes during the harvest.

Mendoza - Bike Wine Tour

5. Salta and Jujuy

Walk with llamas

Llamas are our native camelids and are very important animals to northerners. With their wool clothes are produced to cope with the freezing nights in the puna. But they are also a good company for humans. In this tour you will enjoy a walking trail next to your llama and discover how northerners often feel. You won’t live anything like anywhere else.

  • Relax and connect with animals. Landscapes are part of the trip, but connection with other species too!
Jujuy - Llamas - Cultural trip

6. Plant a tree traveling with us

We want to be part of the change so we started to plant a native tree for every person who travels with us. This is a unique experience, and you can participe! We sowed 1194 trees so far. Next is yours!

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