Superclasico Madness: What Happened During the Boca vs River Match?

Argentina Travel Posted on 05/20/2015

Updated to April 2024

If already a fan of football, you no doubt have heard about the scandalous events that took place during last Thursday’s Copa de Libertadores. One of the most passionate displays of rivalry in sports is the Superclasico Argentina between Boca Juniors and River Plate. As the two most popular teams in Buenos Aires, the Boca vs River rivalry permeates every aspect of porteño society, but when the two teams play against one another, this rivalry becomes even more passionate than normal. So what exactly happened during last week’s match?

Boca Juniors hosted River Plate in the eighth round of the Copa de los Libertadores tournament last Thursday at the Bonbonera. The match was tied up until the completion of the first half. Upon returning to the field, four River Plate players were assaulted with a homemade pepper gas spray by unidentified Boca hooligans. One of the savage fans had ripped open a hole in the protective tunnel and began to spray the opposing players causing dizziness and even first degree burns.

The River Plate “millonarios” were then trapped in the field waiting for medical assistance. While team physicians were trying to alleviate the toxic chemical’s effects, fans lowered a drone over the visiting squad with a large ghost painted with a haunting “B”, in an attempt to remind the squad of their shameful descent into the B category in 2011. This was the icing on the cake.

la bombonera stadium in buenos aires

It was only two hours after the incident had occurred that the Boca vs River match was officially canceled by the Conmebol (organizers of the tournament). Boca Juniors has thus been banned from the tournament until 2016, fined $200,000 U$D, and will play as visitor in the next four matches played. The sanctions against the franchise have been met with rift and incredulousness. Boca officials plan on petitioning the sanctions claiming that both the Boca organization as well as the players did everything in their capability to protect the safety of River players.

Regardless of your opinion of the scandal, the issue has been a hot topic both locally and internationally. What’s your take on this situation?  Have you ever been to the Boca vs River Superclasico? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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