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Study Spanish In Argentina

The best possible way to study a language is to fully immerse oneself into the world of that language. The best way to do that is to travel to that country, and spend some time amongst its people and culture, being forced to use their language. You will pick up the way they speak, and by being exposed to it so much, you will develop a strong knack for developing your language skills while traveling in Argentina.

If you want to study Spanish, Argentina is one of the best countries you can travel to. Beautiful Argentina is one of the largest Spanish, or castellano, speaking countries with around 40 million citizens all speaking the language. What better place to learn when 99% percent of the population speaks the language!

Study Spanish in Argentina

Learn Spanish in Rosario Argentina

One particular thing about the language spoken in Argentina is their use of the voseo. Most people in the country, especially around the basin of the Rio de la Plata and Buenos Aires, use the pronoun “vos” instead of the familiar “tu”, standing for “you”. It is recognized by all Spanish-speaking countries, but is only used in few. It adds an interesting familiarity to the language and closeness to the speakers in conversation. The country is also divided into two parts when putting emphasis and accent on words that have a “ll” consonant or “y” in the word. You can see for yourself and choose which one to use, depending on what you are most comfortable with or what you think sounds prettier.

There are many different places and there are many different ways you can study Spanish in Argentina. Studying the language can be done from most parts of the country, but most people tend to head to the larger cities where the schools are. People can study in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Catamarca, Rosario and sometimes even in Patagonia. There are a variety of different courses you can take through all these different public, private, semi private and group programs and schools. Each year, thousands of college students from across the globe spend a ‘semester abroad’ here to learn or develop their language skills.

Study Spanish in Argentina

Spend your semester abroad in Argentina to learn Spanish

Students can directly enroll into one of the many popular universities in the country, located in or around many of the major cities. Buenos Aires is a very popular destination with its University of Buenos Aires or the Catholic University of Argentina. Here students can take college course classes ranging from many different areas of study. Students can also enroll through various programs, including CIEE FLACSO, where the process of inscribing into classes and finding a place to live are all guided through the program.

These programs also provide many cultural experiences for students to take part in, so they can learn even more about the language and country, as well as provide you with coordinators to help you with every question or need. Studying can also be done through various different language schools located in Argentina, such as Expanish Schools and Ibero Spanish Schools. These schools will fully concentrate on the best ways to help you develop the language skills necessary to turn you into a profound speaker of castellano. There are tutors all over the country and natives that are just waiting to help a foreigner practice their beautiful language.

Study Spanish in Argentina

Study spanish in Argentina and experience the Argentine culture

It’s a worthwhile experience to study Spanish in Argentina, so what are you waiting for! Furthermore, there are million places to see and visit while you stay in the country. For further information about tours in Argentina, contact Argentina travel experts, Say Hueque – Tours in Argentina 

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