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Ski in Argentina: The Best of the Best

Argentina’s terrain is incredibly diverse. It’s home to glaciers, waterfalls, mountains, wetlands, deserts,salt flats, oceanwine country and the list goes on and on. The benefits never end, as there’s something to do all year round! Winter in Argentina is a season to look forward to and not one to dread as in other parts of the year. Why? Simple: break out your skis (or rent some) and enjoy the incredible snowy scenery from the top of a mountain.

So when exactly is winter in Argentina? Since it’s on the other half of the world, the season are flip-flopped and you can count on it being cold from June to October, but year to year it can vary slightly. There are several spots to ski in Argentina, the first being located in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.

Cerro Castor

At the end of the world, there lies a place so perfect for skiing it has won an award. Due to the excellent condition of the mountain, the preparation of the ski tracks and the service, this mountain was chosen by the Ski World Awards as the best ski center in Argentina. Ushuaia has the view people only dream of seeing while they ski in Argentina or anywhere in the world, with trails cutting through the Lengas forest.

Because of Ushuaia’s location and characteristics, this is the place where the skiing season lasts the longest, not only in Argentina but in all of South America! Modern and quaint at the same time, you’ll want to bundle up for your cozy, exhilarating ski trip to Ushuaia.

Cerro Catedral

The Patagonian city of Bariloche is famous for two main things: its lake district and its mouthwatering chocolate. But what about the winter? Some of Argentina’s best ski hills are found in this frozen lake district; in fact, it is home to the most complete ski resort in the entire country! Low on snow? High-tech machines that make real snowflakes are a must to make sure you can ski without problem for up to 24 acres; you won’t be running out of skiable territory soon!

With so many different trails, lifts and runs, it has been said that you could stay here for a year and still not see all of the mountain. So picture this: you’re skiing down a snowy mountain 3,300 feet above sea level in Patagonia overlooking the glistening Nahuel Huapi Lake. See? Winter in Argentina can be fun!

Las Leñas

If you’re intimidated by advanced ski trails and prefer something a bit less extreme and more relaxed, this is the place for you. Although there are also many runs for advanced skiers, such as a vertical slope of almost 4,000 feet! Located only a few miles from Mendoza, this ski resort is one of the most modern as well as one of the highest. With a 23,000-foot trail, Las Leñas is known for having one of the longest trails in South America, a great fit for any intermediate skiers.

This is also a great resort for night skiing, as the trails are lit up with lights and allow more advanced skiers to enjoy the serenity of the night. So what happens if the winter doesn’t bring enough snow? Say no more: in this resort, there are more than 30 snowmaking machines scattered throughout the area.

Lucky for you, Argentina’s ski season is in the middle of the rest of the world’s summer. So if you’re an avid skier or just looking to have some fun, come down to ski in Argentina at a time where you wouldn’t be able to back home.

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