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Posted on 10/26/2015 Travel Journal

A Simple Interview with an Expat in Buenos Aires (Round 3)

Interviewee: Magdalena Rundgren

Magda arrived as an expat in Buenos Aires around a year ago, ditching a job she hated back home to start fresh here in Argentina. We ask her 18 important questions about life, travel and alfajores.

1. What brought you to Buenos Aires, Argentina?

I quit my horrendous job back home to travel South America. I went back to Europe, and realized I had the privilege and opportunity to live here for a while, and chose Buenos Aires since it seemed like the easiest place to settle in: pretty similar to a European city, many job opportunties and so beautiful.

2. What is the best moment of the day?

The chill time before I goto bed: listening to my favorite music while thinking about life.

3. What inspires you about this city?

The contrasts! It’s like being in different parts of the world, just going between different neighborhoods.

4. How has this city changed you? For better/for worse?

For better… I’m less shy. I’ve completely lost my fear of randomly starting a conversation with a stranger. For worse….I’ve become even worse with being on time, and I’ve got too much of a “mañana mañana” (tomorrow, tomorrow) mentality. Making more plans that I don’t fulfill.

5. Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Procrastination, music, thoughts, laughs, introspection.

6. What little victory did you consider big?

When I realized I can follow a conversation between argentines talking to each other, that people no longer slow down when talking to me.

7. What do you love about this city?

How you can be yourself: no one will judge you whatever you do. Whether it is walking around in a chicken costume, singing out loud for yourself or carving a wooden statue on a train. I’ve seen it all.

8. What sound best fits this city?

People discussing passionately in Spanish

9. What smell best describes your city?

The smell of grilled meat

10. What are your favorite cities around the globe?

Prague, Hamburg

11. Best brand of alfajores?


12. Dedicated mate drinker?

It took a while, but now I find myself little by little becoming more addicted to mate than coffee.

13. Cumbia: yay or nay?


14. What don’t you like about the city?

There aren’t as many parks and greenery as in most European cities. It is hard to find spots where you can be by yourself for a while (and if you do, there probably is a good reason as to why).

15. Why have you stayed?

There are always fun and unexpected stuff happening, and, for love.

16. What does traveling mean to you?

It is synonymous to “living” for me. Breaking routines, using my time and resources to obtain something which no one can take away from me: memories.

17. Five things we would find in your suitcase?

A mug with my name on which is following me everywhere since a couple of years back, my portable bluetooth speaker, lots of random notebooks, crazy patterned socks and a cozy sweater

18. If you could change one thing — what would it be?

The economic situation with inflation and import/currency restrictions. Sigh.

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