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Posted on 10/17/2015 Travel Journal

A Simple Interview With an Expat in Buenos Aires (Round 2)

Interviewee: Hillary Skeffington

Today’s expat in Buenos Aires is Hillary, who, over a year ago was looking for an adventure after graduating college. She wanted to pick up a second language and had heard great things about the people, food and nightlife of Buenos Aires. We ask her 17 important questions about life, travel and alfajores.

1. What is the best moment of the day?
Sunset is absolutely the best moment. I take my mate onto my terraza and enjoy seeing the sun set behind all the buildings.

2. What inspires you about this city?
The never-ending art-scene. People are always finding ways to get more creative and express themselves differently. The graffiti in San Telmo, the art exhibits, gallery nights, etc make this city beautiful.

3. How has this city changed you? For better/for worse?
For the better? I’ve come to enjoy the quiet moments in life. Argentines and Latin Americans alike truly enjoy their days

For the worst? Growing up in a very time-sensitive society, I’ve definitely picked up a couple of the slack habits here. When someone says let’s get dinner at 9PM, I show up at 9:30PM

4. Your lifestyle in 5 words?
Stimulating, exhausting, sensational, edacious, energetic

5. What little victory did you consider big for you?
Finding my all the way out to Quilmes without getting lost.

6. What do you love about this city?
The organized chaos that IS Buenos Aires

7. What sound best fits your city?
Cars on the street honking

8. What smell would describe your city best?
Parrilla, Asado, MEAT

9. What are your favorite cities around the globe?
Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam

10. Best brand of alfajores?
Havanna. the classics

11. Dedicated mate drinker?
In the office and sometimes with my roommates

12. Cumbia: yay or nay?
150% YAY!

13. What don’t you like about the city?
Walking habits could improve

14. Why have you stayed?
I’ve built a life in my short one-year stay and want to continue growing, changing, and living here.

15. What does travelling mean to you?
Travelling means being in a place for less than 6 months. It means seeing the major touristy sites and doing all the typical things to do in a place.

16. Five things we would find in your suitcase?
1. Stack of “Thank You” cards. I stay with lots of friends and friend’s families when I visit places and I always keep a “thank you” card handy to give them.
2. Pictures – I always bring pictures of family and friends to remind me of home.
3. Shoes. Lots and lots of shoes for every occasion.
4. Peanut Butter. I miss peanut butter from home! Just isn’t the same here.
5. Laptop.

17. If you could change one thing, what would it be?
Have more stores be open on Sundays

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