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Posted on 09/30/2015 Travel Journal

A Simple Interview with an Expat in Buenos Aires (Round 1)

Interviewee: Nora Wallenius

Nora arrived as an expat in Buenos Aires in September of 2013 and just recently celebrated her two-year anniversary with this big, crazy, endearing city. We ask her 17 important questions about life, travel and alfajores.

1. What brought you to Buenos Aires, Argentina?

A sense of adventure and desire to speak Spanish


2. What is the best moment of the day?

7 pm, off work and planning the evening activities.

3. What inspires you about this city?

Culture, passion, and virtue of patience.

4. How has this city changed you? For better/for worse?

More independent and mature, the ability to handle uncomfortable situations and laugh at them.

5. Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Nonstop, fun-filled, fulfilling, exhausting, never boring.

(Editor’s note: thanks for the 7 words, Nora)

6. What little victory did you consider big?

Completing a tramite in less than 1 hour

(Tramite: Paperwork procedure)

7. What do you love about this city?

Always something to do, social friendly people, beautiful architecture.

8. What sound best fits this city?

Loud horns and sirens

9. What smell best describes your city?

Trash (just kidding but not really!)

10. What are your favorite cities around the globe?

Tokyo, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro

11. Best brand of alfajores?

I don’t like alfajores!

12. Dedicated mate drinker?

If its there I will drink it.

13. Cumbia: yay or nay?


14. Why have you stayed?

Because I fell in love with an Argentine, my job, my lifestyle and my friends.

15. What does traveling mean to you?

Learning things about yourself and others you couldn’t imagine before.

16. Five things we would find in your suitcase?

Bathing suit, beach towel, good book, neck pillow, iphone.

17. If you could change one thing — what would it be?

That is wasn’t so far from home!

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