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Posted on 12/02/2015 Travel Journal

A Simple Interview with a Say Hueque Employee

Interviewee: Carolina Cutrin

Carolina (known by her coworkers as Caro) is from the suburbs of Buenos Aires who started working at Say Hueque two years ago as a dazzling destination host. Now in marketing, Caro answers our 19 important questions about life, travel and alfajores.

1. When and what brought you to say hueque?
Two years ago, I was in the middle of my major for public relations. I wanted to find a good opportunity to start working, so I decided to look into the university’s job board, where I found that Say Hueque was requesting employees.

2. What is the best moment of the day?
I think each moment of the day has nice things, but I think that one of my favorites is during the afternoon, when we share mate while ending our tasks before returing home.

3. What inspires you about Buenos Aires?
There is an incredible mix of different cultures, styles and ways of life here. Our culture is like that, but in Buenos Aires you can appreciate this in every corner. Something that inspires me is that people here are really open minded and inclusive, and I think we get an incredible enrichment from this.

4. How has this city changed you? For better/for worse?
To be completely honest, in the beginning it was difficult for me. I come from the west part of Gran Buenos Aires, where the rhythm is different. Big cities are complicated, but then you learn to see the best parts of them. Even though sometimes I can get a little bit stressed because of the traffic, I learned to enjoy the amazing things this city has to offer. 


5. Your lifestyle in 5 words?
Fun – Active/Intense – Challenging – Enjoyable – Affectionate

6. What is your favorite destination in Argentina (for vacation)?
Chubut – Península Valdés or Las Grutas in Río Negro.

8. What do you love about your city?
The city is really vibrant. People are always searching for new opportunities to have fun and relax. Therefore, we have hundreds of cultural proposes, nice restaurants and coffee shops that stay open until really late.


9. What sound fits best to your city?
Horns, unfortunately.

 10. What smell would best describe your city?
The smell of the recently baked Facturas in the morning, or the Asado smell during the night.

11. What are your favorite cities around the world?
I haven’t been to many of them, but from the places I have been to, I would say Paris and Miami.

12. Best brand of alfajores?
Havanna or Cachafaz.

13. Dedicated mate drinker?

14. Cumbia: yay or nay?

15. What do you enjoy the most about working to promote your country in Say Hueque?
I think Argentina is very special. Our country has so many beautiful things that actually being able to show these to the world is what I enjoy the most – from our amazing and diverse landscapes to the friendly and open-minded culture.


16. If you had to live in another city in Argentina, which city would it be?
On the coast of Buenos Aires, Mendoza or Chubut. 

17. What does traveling mean to you?


18. Five things we would find in your suitcase?
Perfume, mobile Loader, lipstick, sunglasses and my pen drive.

19. Favorite neighborhood in Buenos Aires?
In Capital Federal: Recoleta or Palermo. In Gran Buenos Aires: Castelar.

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