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Posted on 11/03/2014 Transformational travel

Say Hueque Social Inclusion Project

One of the organizations involved with Say Solidario is “Fundación Si” that has a program of containment and social inclusion for children and adolescents called “Si Pueden”.

This Project is developed in 41 community kitchens, homes and help centers from different provinces of the country. They work to create a safe and encouraging environment where children and teens can express themselves and find acceptance.

They are also working on establishing trust and affection between the children, their families and volunteers of the center to develop real relationships where advice can be sought or given, and the kids can have a welcoming place to grow and learn.

Our main contribution with this project of social inclusion is to bring the world of travel to kids in our community that wouldn’t usually have the opportunity. We want travel to be a reality for everyone, no matter what their social background.

On Saturday November 1st of 2014, some volunteers of Say Hueque team and the members of Fundación Si went to Ciudad Oculta’s community kitchen to perform a theatrical play for the kids. Ciudad Oculta can also be known as Villa 15 (a «villa» in Argentina refers to a slum or dangerous neighborhood) or Barrio General Belgrano and is located in Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires.

Our team met with volunteers and the actors of the play while they were waiting for the children. As they were arriving, the atmosphere was filled with the a tangible joy they felt for a chance for something different. Some of the kids had even dressed in their nicest clothes for the performance, because for them, this was a very special experience. Not many people or organizations visit the villas.

Once the play was over, the 25 kids ate together and returned to their homes.
Leticia, a member of Say Hueque, was the organizer of this activity, and she worked with Fundación Si to program everything for the children. She made all the necessary arrangements for the succes of the social inclusion project.

“I’ve always been interested in sharing charity moments.I think that these are special spaces where you can give and spread good things to other people. I always felt concerned for this and Say Hueque gave me the opportunity to participate of this experience.

I am really motivated to learn from other realities and remember the essential things that are truly important. The most significant thing is to be there with the children and share a moment together, giving them accompanies and containment because in my opinion, what they need the most from us is love. I felt very comfortable in this activity. Being able to interact with the kids, playing with them and specially to embrace a princess for a long time, which seemed to needed it very much was absolutely important for me.” Silvia Monico – Say Hueque Team

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