Say Hueque’s Ultimate List of Things to Do in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 08/14/2013

Putting the words ‘travel’ and ‘Argentina’ together renders a kaleidoscope of adventures and wonders. Be it peerless waterfalls and glaciers, desert and mountain landscapes, cultured cities, fine wine, good food, or a sunny beach escape—Argentina has it in abundance.  One can spend a lifetime exploring it, but since there is often only a limited amount of time for travel, and Argentina is already a long plane ride away, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of must things to do in Argentina.


1. Travel to Buenos Aires

Any thoughts on traveling to Argentina? Begin in Buenos Aires. Argentina’s beating heart, the ‘Capital’ offers all the amenities of a modern city at Latin American prices. The continent’s premiere cultural center, one can enjoy the allures of Tango, fine art and opera, open-air antique markets, as well as stately architecture. This youthful city also offers one of the world’s most memorable nights out. Enjoy a day tour that brings one to all of the city’s landmarks and barrios or neighborhoods. Alternatively, take a day trip out to a traditional estancia or to the tranquil river delta at Tigre.

Just as all roads once led to Rome, in  Argentina all roads lead to Buenos Aires. It is therefore the most logical and effective place to begin a journey to any other part of the country.

  • Take advantage of the excellent long-distance bus services and regional flights to visit such places as Salta, Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, or Patagonia. 


Buenos Aires - Tango

2. Travel to Iguazu Falls

Fly or journey upriver by bus from  Buenos Aires to one of the world’s natural wonders, the falls at Iguazu Falls. See the vast amount of water cascade from the proximity of the ‘Devil’s Throat’ or by the light of a full moon tour, and be forever impressed by it. Venture into Argentina’s rainforest and see some of the exotic wildlife, including the toucan.

  • Sailing in Iguazu Falls, and close encounter with local wildlife sound like a totally must in the thing to do in Argentina list!


Iguazu Falls - Wildlife

3. Travel to Mendoza

Cross the country’s bounties plains known as the Pampas to Mendoza, the Latin American center of wine. Make sure to tour a selection of the areas wineries, tasting a fine selection of Cabernet, Chardonnay, and of course the storied Malbec. Besides the fruit of vine,  Mendoza offers a large variety of adventures, from white water rafting to horse back riding, biking, and even hiking in the Andes.

  • Thing to do in Argentina? Visit Mendoza and enjoy a glass of wine of Malbec surrounded by the Andes mountain range!

Mendoza - Wine tour

4. Travel to Uyuni Salt Flats

Ok so this one’s actually not in Argentina, but bear with us. 

From Buenos Aires, one can also venture to  Argentina’s Northwest, to the town of Salta. Steeped in history and tradition, this region was once part of the Incan empire, and later an important center for the Spanish. 

Travel back in time while enjoying the peñas (live music) and dinner shows, and journey into the colorful landscape that resembles Southern Arizona. Since Salta is near Bolivia, you can also venture into the surreal Uyuni Salt Flats. However, Salta Slat Flats are worth the visit no doubt!

Uyuni-salt-flat - Bolivia


5. Travel to Patagonia

An impressive flight south from Buenos Aires brings one to Patagonia, an expansive land of glaciers, dramatic mountains, and even the City at the End of the World (Ushuaia). Visit  Calafate and the nearby Perito Moreno Glacier, an impressive field of ice that drops off into the lake Argentino. Trek around the town of El Chalten to see the towering peaks of Fitz Roy, wild forested valleys, and an array of lakes and glaciers. Finally venture to the island of  

  • Tierra del Fuego and the most southern city in the world: Ushuaia. Behold here extravagant wild-life and scenery in and around the Beagle Channel with the possibility of continuing on to the Antarctic.

Ushuaia - Beagle-channel-argentina

This and much more await the visitor, with possibilities that include any time frame and any budget, from the most luxurious to the most constrained. Given so many options and adventures, it would be difficult not to consider planning to travel to Argentina.

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