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4 Best Kept Secrets about Salta

The culture and history of any place you visit are critical to what makes each new destination different. In Argentina, it’s no different, especially when you travel throughout the country. Salta, a city in the northwest of Argentina, is one of the best cities for cultural offerings. If you’re on the look out to unlock some real cultural experiences, these secrets are some of the best ways to discover authentic experiences in Argentina for yourself. 

  1. Traditional Peña
Illuminated Catedral de Salta at Night

Illuminated Catedral de Salta at Night

When night falls on the city, Salta transitions into a lively party with traditional peñas at La Vieja Estancion on Balcare Street. A peña is like the Argentine version of a hawaiian lau in Salta. There is live music and dancing that shows the local cutlure and history of Salta and the surrounding regions. But it’s just not a song and dance, there is also a delicious dinner that is accompanied with a professional show with more live music and traditional dancing. Peñas are popular among both locals and tourists, and who wouldn’t want to go with savory meat empanadas, tender steak, fresh greens and, of course, the locally produced Malbec red wine to top it all off.

Traditional Folklore Dance of Salta

Traditional Folklore Dance of Salta

2. The Temperature 

Unlike other parts of Argentina, the temperature is nice all year in Salta. Although it rests at a high altitude, which means you’re more at risk for altitude sickness, you will be delighted to know the weather is regularly consistent all year round. Plus, any bought of Altitude Sickness can be cured by chewing on the leaves of some local planets. When the heat of the city gets too much for you, venture out to Salta, where the weather is still warm, but not completely unbearable.

The only thing you need to watch out for is rain, but you can usually trust the weather forecast a few days before you leave so packing for Salta is actually a lot easier than some other destinations in Argentina. Patagonia, for example, has very unpredictable weather and typically requires many layers to properly be prepared for any adventure.

3. The Museums

The Museums in Salta are some of the best that you’ll find. Because of the rich culture and tradition found in this part of Argentina, Salta never fails to disappoint when it comes to learning. Between the high mountain archeaology museum and the ethnic art museum are two of our favorites that are always great visits when you need a little more fo a cultural fix.

These museums both do a great job of telling the stories of the history of this region which was originally founded with the intention to be the halfway point between Peru and Buenos Aires.

Hike to see the Virgen de los Tres Cerritos or take the cable car up to enjoy the panoramic views of Salta

Hike to see the Virgen de los Tres Cerritos or take the cable car up to enjoy the panoramic views of Salta

4. Cerro San Bernardo

If you’re looking to take in as much as you can of Salta, look no further than Cerro San Bernardo. Take a cable car tour up to the top of this peak to see spectacular views of the city. Getting to San Bernardo is half the fun, but it is truly breathtaking to see the views of the city from the top.

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