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Posted on 01/13/2016 Tips & Recommendations

Recommendations for Seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier

Good ol’ Perito Moreno Glacier: one of Patagonia’s most famous attractions and a place to lose yourself in nature’s beauty. Trust me when I say you don’t want anything to ruin this day for you, so we’ve got some tips from commonly made mistakes. So learn from the mishaps of other (less-fortunate) travelers who didn’t have this incredible, life-changing guide and make this day the best!

First things first: To see the glacier, you will be entering a National Reserve, so don’t forget your cash! You don’t want to have to bum off someone else or go back to the hotel after you got all the way out to the Reserve. Also, make sure you pay it in pesos!

But Say Hueque, what if it rains? Fear not, traveler who thinks in advance! If it turns out to be a rainy day, the excursion won’t be cancelled. Take your rain jacket, wool hat, scarf and gloves (you can hurt your hands if you fall on the ice) when you visit the glacier even if it’s nice in town. The weather in town can be very different from inside the National Park, so take at least a jacket and gloves at the very least!

What good advice, Say Hueque. Anything else I should bring? Well, now that you mentioned it… take your sunglasses. If it’s sunny, the reflection on the ice is quite strong and can hurt your eyes (not to mention temporarily blind you from being able to see the very thing you came to experience: the Perito Moreno Glacier). If you’re fair-skinned, you might want to also slather on the sunscreen.

Alright, I feel ready and prepared thanks to these awesome tips. Well hold your horses for one last goodie of a tip (yes, that was just written). As lunch is not included on the excursion, we suggest you buy a lunchbox and water before heading out to the glacier. You can find lunchboxes in most of the restaurants and hotels in El Calafate. This part is super important because you won’t find any place to buy food or water during the excursion.

Now consider yourself a butterfly that was a young caterpillar before you read this enlightening article. Spread your wings and enjoy your trip to the Perito Moreno Glacier without any regrets!

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Written by Abby LeCleir

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