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Posted on 02/19/2015 Inspirational Trips & News

Rafting in Patagonia: El Chalten Opens First Rafting Course

Argentina’s trekking capital of El Chalten is now offering guests the opportunity to experience white water rafting. Operated by Calafate Mountain Park (Mil Outdoor Adventures), this new course is located inside Los Glaciares National Park, providing participants with incredible views of the towering Mount Fitz Roy and its beautiful surroundings. With a Level III Difficulty Rating, the course is listed as ‘demanding’ but those interested do not need to have any prior experience with rafting. 

The route is divided into three sections, beginning in the Las Vueltas River and leading into the conjoining Fitz Roy River. After receiving a safety briefing and gearing up with the provided equipment, participants begin the journey by embarking in rafts on the first leg of the course. This segment has a distance of 4 km and is the easiest of the three, allowing guests to familiarize themselves with the raft, the water and at the same time appreciate the beautiful scenery of the national park around them.

From here the real fun begins as the second segment opens with an initial rapid and continues with an 8 km stretch of exciting and challenging rapids. This section is the most difficult of the three and is the reason for the Grade III difficulty rating of the course. The final leg of the course is a 2 km portion of peaceful waters, providing a chance for participants to relax and enjoy more of the beautiful nature before heading back to El Chalten.

Participants can choose between two excursions for their rafting experience. The first one, Rafting El Chalten, has a total duration of 4 hours, with around 2 hours in the water and is designed for guests staying in El Chalten. The second one, Full Day Rafting, has a total duration of 12 hours and includes a transfer to and from El Calafate. The full day option also includes a meal upon completing the excursion. Both options have the same difficulty level and have the same 2 hour adventure, with 3 segments, in the water.

Check out the video below for a preview of the action!

El Chalten’s new rafting excursion promises an exciting and unique experience for thrill-seeking and adventure-loving travelers! To find out more about this new white water rafting course in El Chalten, contact Say Hueque Argentina Journeys!

Written by Will Collier

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