How are the Polo Matches in Argentina?

Argentina Travel Posted on 11/17/2016

So you’ve heard about Argentina’s craze for soccer (or football, as it’s called here) but did you know that Argentines are also world-renowned for their skill and love of polo? Since the country’s early days, when the gauchos (cowboys) roamed the Argentine Pampas, the horse has been an important aspect of Argentine culture. 

So it should come as no surprise that a sport played on horseback has become wildly popular here. Argentines rank among the best polo players in the world, and the sport has a massive following, particularly in Buenos Aires. As a tourist, you can enjoy polo in Argentina by taking a day trip into Buenos Aires Province with Argentina Polo Day: watch the experts play and take a crack at the game yourself!

1. How are the polo games held in Argentina? 

A trip to La Carona Polo Club with Argentina Polo Day is our favorite way to introduce visitors to one of Argentina’s most popular sports. The historic estancia (ranch) is located just 45 minutes away from Buenos Aires, making for an easy day trip. Your visit starts off with delicious, home-made empanadas and locally sourced Argentine wine. As you enjoy your food and explore the estancia, the guides provide you with an introduction to polo in Argentina and, of course, to the magnificent horses.

Then it’s time to watch the professionals in action. Enjoy a fast-paced game with bilingual commentators, who will guide you through the rules and plays in real time. In between chukkas (4 rounds that make up a full game) you will learn more about the horses and the sport. 

After the match, it’s time for lunch. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable, traditional Argentine asado (similar to a barbecue). Enjoy select, high-quality Argentine sausages, ribs, and beef, accompanied by Argentine wine. (Don’t worry, there are vegetarian options as well). After lunch, you can relax in the pool or explore the grounds of the estancia. Then it’s time for your polo lesson!

Learn the basics of polo and feel confident as you take the reins of the well-trained horses. Highly trained instructors will be right there with you to ensure that you feel like a real polo player! Prior horseback riding skills are not required. Argentina Polo Day provides horses, equipment and instruction to riders of all levels. Their expert instructors teach you how to ride, how to hold the stick, how to hit the ball – right on the horse. Finally, end the day playing a chukka yourself! And for those of you who are experienced riders, be ready to gallop!

Buenos Aires - Polo

2. Where to watch a Polo match in Argentina?

If you are interested in watching a match or taking a Buenos Aires day trip to see one of the teams located outside of Buenos Aires capital, below you will find a brief list of where to watch Polo in Buenos Aires.

Campo Argentino de Polo  

Address: Avenida del Libertador, 4500, 1426 Buenos Aires

This field is located in Palermo and is easy to find, as it is on one of the city’s most important avenues, Libertador. This field is the principal polo field in Buenos Aires and is a great place to go to enjoy a day of polo as well as get a glimpse of Argentina’s rich and famous.

Hurlingham Polo Club 

Address: Av. Julio Roca 1411, 1686 Hurlingham, Buenos Aires

This is about an hour north of the city, but is still a very beautiful club. If you are visiting Buenos Aires and looking for ideas for Buenos Aires day trips, why not consider spending the day watching polo?

Tortugas Polo Club 

Address: Panamericana Km. 42.5, Office Park

This is also about an hour outside of the city, but if you have the day free, consider taking a day trip to see the Tortugas Polo Club in action!

3. Argentina Polo facts 

Argentina is undoubtedly the world’s best polo team, so much so that international play has been modified because of the Argentines. The maximum total handicap that a team can have is 14 goals: each of Argentina’s players has 10 goals or more. So basically the Argentine national team doesn’t play with their best players so that the rest of the world can try and compete.

The Argentine national polo selection has won the Olympics more than any other team in the world with four titles in 1987, 1992, 1998, and 2011.

The world’s best polo tournament takes place in Palermo, the “Campeonato Argentino Abierto” .

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