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Planning a Trip to Punta del Este

Punta del Este is a glamorous city and resort at the tip of southeastern Uruguay. Although the city has a population of around only 10,000 residents, summer tourism from late December to early January adds a large population of non-residents, making it the  South Beach of the southern cone.

From Buenos Aires, Punta del Este can be reached by taking a 3 hour ferry ride from Retiro to Montevideo, Uruguay and then renting a car or taking a bus, which is about a 3-4 hour ride. It is also possible to take a short flight. Say Hueque Tours can help you coordinate and book your trip to Punta del Este.

The scenic beaches of Punta del Este have two types of coastlines: Brava and Mansa. Every beach on the peninsula has public access  and no two beaches in Punta del Este are the same. Some have quiet and calm waters (Mansa) while others have strong waves (Brava). Some have fine white sand while others have thick golden sand.  The beaches can cater to any taste, whether you prefer to soak up the sun or surf. In fact, Punta del Este has some of the best surfing beaches on the coastline and its beaches are famous for hosting many famous Argentine and Uruguayan actors and models.

The icon of Punta del Este is called Casapueblo, built by Carlos Paez Vilaro. It sits atop Punta Ballena, as one of the main attractions of the peninsula. The artist began working on the project in 1958 and took 36 years to be completed. Casapueblo has a museum, an art gallery, the Hotel Casapueblo and a restaurant called Las Terrazas.

La Barra is popular for watersports and fishing during the day. In the evenings, La Barra becomes a central attraction for younger people looking for nightlife. The  fingers of Punta del Este are also a great piece of art to visit. The structure is built atop the sand, as if the fingers are coming out from underneath. They are located near the central bus station and provide for great photo opportunites. Punta del Este is also home to a  beautiful 45 meter tall lighthouse that visitors are welcome to climb.

The city has a mix of colonial architecture and modern buildings.  It has a scenic shore, luxurious resort houses, department stores, upscale restaurants and pubs. Gorlero Avenue is the main avenue and has commercial galleries, restaurants, movie theaters, casinos and shops. Visit Artigas Square near Gorlero Avenue to experience a popular handicraft market.

Whether you are looking to lay out on the  beach with a daiquiri, surf the waves, or enjoy booming nightlife with famous faces, do it in style while enjoying the beauty of Punta del Este.

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