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Posted on 10/17/2019 Tips & Recommendations

Planning a Trip to Bariloche

When planning a trip to Bariloche you will indeed be looking forward to soaking up some of the greatest mountain vistas Argentina has to offer. Leave the city to explore the lakes and mountain trails of the Nahuel Huapi National Park set deep in the famous region of Bariloche. There is a generous assortment of things to do here including kayaking, hiking and camping. As the winter months approach, the hikers are slowly replaced by those attracted by its impressive ski slopes.

From Buenos Aires it is a 24-hour coach journey south to Bariloche. Argentina is blessed with a very comfortable and efficient bus service and we would highly recommend selecting the Super-Cama option which comes with a fully extendable chair that becomes a bed whenever you please. Believe us, the further you glide down towards Patagonia and the colder the weather gets outside, the more you will appreciate the luxury of Argentine bus travel. Observe Argentina’s stunning countryside, clutching a glass of fine wine and float your way to Patagonia. A journey in Super- Cama will cost around AR$ 1000 by bus.

Another option to travel to Bariloche is by plane. Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN Argentina both have numerous flights a week that leave from and return to Buenos Aires. Usually, there are two daily flights earlier in the week, then three a day for the rest of the week. One of these round trip tickets will cost up to around $2000AR. From the capital, you can also fly to El Calafate and then hop another plane to San Carlos de Bariloche International Airport.

When you get here we recommend some of the fantastic mountain treks on offer. Take the route down Av. Bustillo which goes alongside the Nahuel Huapi lake with its beautiful scenery. After traveling 10 Km you will reach the base of Cerro Campanario (Belfry Hill) (Chair lift included), where you can see a selection of striking views that include the Nahuel Huapi and Perito Moreno lakes, El Trebol Lagoon, the San Pedro and Llao Llao peninsulas, Isla Victoria, and the Otto, Lopez, Goye and Catedral Hills. Marvel as your guide fills you in with the facts about the region and explains Bariloche’s dynamic history. Heading towards Llao Llao you will come across the San Eduardo chapel, and Puerto Pañuelo (Handkerchief Port) and further on the incredible Angostura Bridge, a golf course and the sparkling lagoon.

Another great excursion to keep in mind when planning a trip to Bariloche is to take the gondolas up to Cerro Otto’s summit. Here you can find the Garden of Prayer, so-called for its beautiful panoramic oratory. There are also a few wide terraces to enjoy the surrounding landscape. And if the weather isn’t ideal, you can enjoy the view in the Rotating Café, which, if you hadn’t guessed, rotates permanently with the smoothness and synchronization of a wristwatch allowing you to admire a 360 degree panoramic view from inside.

If you have had enough walking, take to the water and try your hand in kayaking. If you’ve never kayaked before there are always guides on hand to run you through the basics before you set off on an unforgettable journey and navigate some of the most pristine and scenic lakes in Argentina. Make a day of it by taking a picnic lunch and stopping off on one of the banks of the lake to bask in the sun and have a swim. And don’t forget to try some of the delicious locally-made chocolates when you get back to the Swiss-influenced town plaza.

Once in Bariloche, there are a million things to do and see for the adventurous go-getter or sightseeing photographer. Besides the incredible vistas of majestic mountains and luscious lakes, each with their share of incredible wildlife, travelers can trek through the mountains and hills, ski its gorgeous slopes, fish in its pristine lakes, ride on a horse, paraglide through the skies like one of its many birds of prey or just take a tour of the area. There is so much to enjoy and getting to Bariloche from Buenos Aires is too easy to pass up. It’s time to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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