Planning a Trip To Patagonia

Patagonia Travel Posted on 02/03/2022

Are you planning a trip to Patagonia? Discover all you need to know to get the most out of your trip to this marvelous southern land and let the adventure begin!

1. Best time to visit Patagonia

The best time to visit this outstanding region is between October and early April, meaning spring and summertime here in the Southern hemisphere and winter in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Temperatures at this time of the year are at their highest: during the day they can reach up to 80°F and at night descend up to 60°F. During winter temperatures might be freezing, the average temperature ranges between 25°F to 40°F.

In summer, you will find all hiking trails open and ready for you to enjoy the stunning landscapes and dazzling gazers views. But if you are planning a trip to Patagonia for specific activities you may find there are highlight months for them. Let’s see some of them:

  • To see the magnificent penguins in Ushuaia you will want to travel between November and February.
  • For whale watching in Puerto Madryn, the best months are September and October, although you can also see them from May to December.

2. What to pack

With a great adventure, comes a great responsibility… of packing! Bringing the right stuff is key for enjoying your trip to Patagonia. 

  • Bring warm clothes. Big warm jackets and thermal clothing are welcomed in your backpack!
  • Take gloves, long pants and scarves also with you.
  • Windbreakers as well! Patagonia is well known for its harsh winds so be sure to bring at least one windbreaker.
  • Pack your most comfortable trekking and waterproof shoes whether you are planning to go hiking or not – Patagonia is an adventure field at all times! Don’t buy new trekking shoes—old ones are always better as you are used to them.
  • Protect from the sun. Pack long-sleeved shirts, long pants, sunglasses and a hat that has a brim all the way around that provides shade to ears, neck, and face. Take sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher with you.
  • Pick up a plug adapter. Buying one at an airport can be very expensive, so it’s always best to buy one at home. If traveling to Argentina, you will need the three-wire type “I” plug with rectangular prongs. In case you are heading to Chile, a type C plug (also known as the standard “Euro” plug) is needed.
  • Be sure to have all the documents and requirements and take your passport with you.
  • Check all the requirements to enter Chile and  Argentina due to COVID-19.
  • Don’t forget your camera! You are about to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will definitely want to capture memories. If you prefer to travel light, just take your phone with you and use its camera.

For more packing advice you can learn more here.

3. Where to travel

Explore the vast land of Patagonia. Adventure yourself and discover jaw-dropping sceneries, pristine lakes, and snow-covered mountains. Let’s see where to find Patagonia’s magic landscapes!

Day tour to the Beagle Channel

Bariloche & The Lake District

Discover turquoise still water lakes inside Nahuel Huapi’s National Park and unique Arrayan trees in Arrayanes Forest. Volcanoes are also part of this adventure: Lanin National Park hosts the great Lanin volcano of more than 12,000ft tall.

El Chaltén

The National capital of hiking, El Chaltén, offers countless self-guided top-ranked hiking trails for explorers who visit. This small village hosts the impressive Mount Fitz Roy, which you can visit if you are up to some hiking to its foot.

El Calafate

Nearby you can find El Calafate, the jumping-off point of most explorers seeking to meet the Icy Giant: Perito Moreno’s Glacier. Sail the Mayo Channel and discover this magnificent wall of ice, and why not, do some hiking on it!

Puerto Madryn

Looking for close encounters with native wildlife? Puerto Madryn and its whales await. Sail close to them, as they are very curious almost immediately they will get close to the boat to say hi – you will be speechless! 


Magellanic penguins in Ushuaia are also ready to be visited. Punta Tombo is a reserve that holds its claim to fame as one of the largest Magellanic penguin colonies in the world. These feathered friends can only be seen here during nesting time (from September to April) because they spend the rest of the year in Brazil. In Punta Tombo, you will find yourself literally waddling alongside the penguins as you walk through the paths of this penguin reserve.

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine National holds its own magic in southern Chile. Meet the imposing Paine Tower and Paine Horns along with endless jaw-dropping landscapes that will be the backdrop of your hike trail.

4. Where to stay

Patagonia is a vast land of countless different landscapes, so they are its accommodation.

A very important step in planning your trip to Patagonia is choosing the right accommodation for your adventure. You will not find it difficult to find excellent offers: in most cases, accommodations available in Patagonia combine comfort and nature as you are surrounded by unique Patagonian landscapes.

From luxurious iconic hotels like Llao Llao Hotel in Bariloche to cozy wooden cabins in the woods. Lately, glamping has been on the eye of explorers: domes equipped with heat, electricity, and all the commodities of a hotel room placed in the middle of forests or countrysides.

Learn more about Best Patagonia hotels here.

5. Best Patagonia Tours

Discover our hand-picked Patagonia Tours. Here are some of our trips that you can use for inspiration to start planning your next trip to Patagonia!

El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier

Experience Argentinian nature and culture. Visit main highlights of this marvelous country: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, and Perito Moreno Glacier await you

Ice-hiking above Perito Moreno glacier? Yes! Hiking lovers and intrepid explorers Patagonia’s top hiking trails in El Chalten and El Calafate are waiting for you.

Discover from the End of the World city, Ushuaia, to one of the 7th natural wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls. Isn’t enough? Go whale watching in Puerto Madryn after visiting the cosmopolitan and unique city of Buenos Aires. Sound like an adventure, doesn’t it?

Best rewards are for the most intrepid explorers: let the adventure begin! Explore the 7th natural wonder of the world: Iguazu Falls. Go canoeing at the End of the Wolrd city: Ushuaia. Discover the Icy Giant in El Calafate, Perito Moreno’s glacier, along with more Argentina highlights that will make this adventure a one-of-a-kind experience.

Nobodys stays home! Explore Patagonia’s landscapes and native wildlife with the whole family. Visit the End of the World city, Ushuaia and have a close encounter with Magellanic penguins, or discover the Land of Glaciers and go ice-hiking in Perito Moreno’s glacier. For sure, an adventure of a lifetime for adults and little explorers.

Let’s hit the road! Visit Argentina’s Lake District in this Self-drive tour. Discover turquoise lakes and vast forests, Nahuel Huapi’s lake, and Arrayanes Forest in Villa La Angostura.

Ready for your next adventure? Planning a trip to Patagonia has never been easier! 

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