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Posted on 09/29/2014 Tips & Recommendations

Planning a Trip to Mendoza

Mendoza is located at the base of the Andes mountains to the west of Argentina. Home to over 100 wineries and vineyards, it is quickly becoming the epicenter of wine culture in South America. Mendoza wine tours and tastings are the perfect way to enjoy Argentina’s amazing selections. With many international gourmet restaurants, European style cafes and boutique hotels, it is no wonder that visitors to Mendoza return year after year.

Apart from the viniculture, Mendoza is home to incredibly scenic mountains, including Aconcagua Mountain, the western hemisphere’s tallest at 6,962 meters (22,841 feet). Despite the intense mountain range, Mendoza is quite simple to get to. Visitors can opt to take a comfortable overnight bus that takes about 13 hours or a 2 hour flight, which Say Hueque Tours can help book.

With a plethora of adventurous activities that are available, Mendoza is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Below is a list of activities that Say Hueque Tours recommends on a visit to Mendoza.

Rafting and Kayaking in the Andes Mountains – Experience the adrenaline of whitewater kayaking or rafting and connect with the beautiful blue waters that run between the Andes mountains. This activity will take you not only to a wonderful destination, but will surround you with breathtaking views throughout the ride.

Paragliding in the Andes Mountains – Enjoy the Andes Mountains with the view of a bird. Fly without experience, accompanied by a professional instructor, when you go paragliding in Mendoza. Drive up to the top of a mountain, where an instructor will teach you how to take off and land. Get on a glider with an instructor and spend 20 minutes peacefully flying alongside the mountains.

Horseback Riding in the Andes Mountains – Embark on a ride on gentle horses almost 2000 meters above sea level through the Andes mountains, where visitors can appreciate fauna and views of snow peaked mountains.

Wine Tasting – A trip to Argentina is incomplete without wine tasting. Let Say Hueque Tours organize a wine tasting tour for you. You can go on a bike or horseback riding excursion through wineries or bodegas. You can learn about the wine process, including how it is produced, which grapes are grown and how the industry has developed.

You can also taste delicious locally produced wine including Malbec and Cabernet, guided by a local wine expert. There are several bodegas that Say Hueque Tours visits, although they may vary depending on the season. Below is a list of wineries that we recommend:

  • O. Fournier: O. Fournier was founded in 2000 by the Spanish family, Ortega Gil-Fournier. Starting as a small boutique winery, Its main objective now is to become known internationally and to focus on high-quality wines, with a goal to produce approximately 1.5 million bottles in different regions, including Argentina, Chile and Spain. O. Fournier owns over 380 hectares of land, of which 230 hectares are planted with vineyards up to 72 years old.

  • Achaval Ferrer: Although a small scale vineyard, the bodega remains one of the most important and recognized due to the high qualifications that its wines receive internationally. Today, its focus is on the production of Malbec.

  • Alta Vista Wines: This vineyard started as a family project that brought the old world concept of terroir to Argentina. Due to its high-quality wines, Alta Vista is one of the most prestigious and internationally well-known bodegas of the area today.

  • Bodega Ruca Malen: This bodega opened its doors in 1998. Combining modern winemaking techniques with beautiful architecture, Ruca Malen is not only recognized for its wines but also for its high-class service and gourmet restaurant. The menu offers five courses that combine excellent food and wine with the scenic view of the Andes mountains.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure activities or relaxing wine tours, Mendoza is the epitome of Argentine culture.

For more help planning a trip to Mendoza, contact Say Hueque Tours and visit our website.

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