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Posted on 10/24/2013 Tips & Recommendations

Planning a Trip to El Calafate

When you are planning a trip to El Calafate you will of course be looking forward to gaping at the incredible Perrito Moreno Glaciar that looms large and magnificent only an hour away from the town. Welcome to the Patagonian Steppe. It is dry and dramatic and beholds one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

From Buenos Aires it is a 20-hour coach journey south to the tip of the nation. Argentina is blessed with a very comfortable and efficient bus service and we would highly recommend selecting the Super-Cama option which comes with a fully extendable chair that becomes a bed whenever you please. Believe us, the further you glide down towards Patagonia and the colder the weather gets outside, the more you will appreciate the luxury of Argentine bus travel. Observe Argentina’s stunning countryside, clutching a glass of fine wine and float your way to Patagonia. A journey in Super- Cama will cost around AR$ 700 by bus.

Of course the main attraction is the striking Perrito Moreno Glaciar, one of the only glaciars in the world that is still advancing. This makes for one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in Argentina. Come and visit the viewing points which serve as the best places to take in this extraordinary sight. Here you can have an ice-cold beer whilst a guide fills you in on the facts about the glaciar. And if you want a closer look, take the boat trip to the edge of the glacier, gape at its enormity and let it both entertain and frighten you as huge trenches of ice carve out of the ridge, plummet towards the water, and force Lago Argentino to explode. The ice walls of this UNESCO heritage site can be 80 metres high!

Make sure you take the time to explore the town of El Calafate and indulge in its rich cultural traditions. Furthermore, from the town, you can embark on a 1km hike to Laguna Nimez. This lagoon is well-known for being the viewing point for some of the most stunning sunsets in Patagonia.

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