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Posted on 08/21/2018 Inspirational Trips & News

Peru and Bolivia: The Amazon Experience

What is the first place that pops up in your mind when we ask you about the location of the Amazon?

Hidden Germ: Amazonas

Hidden Germ: Amazonas

You most likely answered: Brazil!

And you aren’t completely wrong since 60% of this great jungle is located in Brazil.

So…what happened to the remaining 40%? Looks like you need a geography lesson!

The Amazon basin covers not just Brazil but eight other South American countries. This is why if you want to cruise through the tropical exotic rainforests but are low on budget then Peru and Bolivia may just be the places or you.


This is because in comparison to Brazil:

  • They are less crowded
  • Kind to your budget
  • Just as rich in biodiversity

In short, they have the potential to be the practical, cost-effective Amazonian adventure you dreamed of.

Without further ado, let’s mark the great must-go places you must visit in these underappreciated basins:




Puerto Maldonado

Peru is known for the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. However, after this list, you’ll know that it is more than ruins and relics. In fact, the region is alive with the sounds of the jungle and its exotic creatures.




This is probably the smallest nature reserve in Peru. However, it remains one of the popular destinations for nature enthusiasts. It is in close proximity to the magnificent Manu. Hence they have similar flora and fauna dotting the lands.

Furthermore, the advantage of visiting this site is that it is not as commercialized as the other regions. This means that the jungle remains pure and untouched.

Other places to visit:




  • Pucallpa
  • Puzuzo


National Reserve of Pacaya-Samiria


This bustling city is proof that man and nature can live in harmony. Approximately, 42,000 inhabitants reside in the area with everyday encounters with the wildlife of the Amazon.

More than the earthbound creatures the reserve is known or its marine life. You can befriend many aquatic animals like pink dolphins and manatees on your visit to Pacaya-Samiria.






Bolivia is equivalent to the Amazon jungle of Brazil. The land is sprawling with wildlife and dense forests for you to explore.




This is the gateway to the land of swamps. The small jungle is home to the alligators, crocodiles and other scaly creatures that sluggishly crawl on the fertile lands.


Río Mamoré


The winding river offers you an opportunity to delve deep into the jungles on water. You will be able to see the animals basking under the sun on the swampy shores bordering the torrent waters. This is a great place to fish, raft and kayak.




Other places to visit:

  • Chalalán Ecolodge

  • San Ignacio de Moxos

We assure you that you will not regret a visit to either of these Amazonian regions. They are teeming with outlandish and unusual creatures that roam around the glorious green-land.

Are you willing to embark on Peru and Bolivia: The Amazon Experience?

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