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Posted on 04/11/2013 Inspirational Trips & News

Pepsi Music Festival Buenos Aires 2013

The Pepsi Music Festival in Buenos Aires began the month of April with an atmosphere of excitement. The Costanera Sur, located in Puerto Madero, hosts a yearly Pepsi Music Festival, a rock n’ roll music festival featuring some of the most famous local and international rock bands. This year the festival has as its title “El festival el mas grande de la historia” (The greatest music festival in history). It chose this title as it aspires to be the musical event of the year, with the most impressive line-up of bands around the globe. The Pepsi Music Festival Buenos Aires has a great atmosphere, leaving you with goosebumps and a sense of thrill! The festival is proud to present a great variety of music styles with a range of internationally recognized and praised artists.

A normal day at the festival!

Day 1 – The main artists, among many others, performing on the 2nd of April 2013 will be:
Queens of Stone Age – An American rock band from California.
Catupecu Machu – An Argentine rock band, usually classified as Rock en Español.
Massacre– An American death metal band from Florida.
Kaiser Chiefs – An English rock band from Leeds, inspired by New Wave and punk rock music.
Passion Pit – An American Indie band from Massachusetts.
Viva Elastico – A quartet of indie pop from Longchamps, Province of Buenos Aires.

Day 2 – The main artists, among many others, performing on the 3rd of April 2013 will be:
Pearl Jam – An iconic 90s American rock band from Seattle, it will be the greatest show of the festival.
Black Keys – A duet of American rock from Ohio.
The Hives – A Swedish rock band, known to have revived garage rock at the begging of the 21st century.
Hot Chip – A British elctropop band from London.

Pepsi Music Festival Buenos Aires 2013

The Pepsi Music Festival Buenos Aires attracks many visitors every year.

Tickets for the Pepsi Music Festival can be purchased at Argetina’s Livepass website. Tickets can also be physically purchased Mondays to Fridays from 10 am – 6pm in the following addresses:
1. Florida 313 – in the Microcentro.
2. Avenida Corrientes 1753 – in the Microcentro.
3. Avenida Cabildo 1873 – in Belgrano.
The ticket offices will be open the day of the show and will be selling tickets for every show up to the start of every performance. It is recommended that you get tickets in advance as they are bound to be sold out fairly quickly.

Pepsi Music Festival Buenos Aires 2013

One of the performances during the Pepsi Music Festival Buenos Aires

Transport to the venue:
It is usually a good idea to use public transport when going to an event of the magnitude. The buses that take you to the doors of the festival are Buses 2 and 3. To find more information on the bus routes you should look into the GCBA’s interactive map (Mapa Interactivo de Buenos Aires). There will also be an area where you can leave your bicycle safely. If you are not sure about the buses you can always take a cab.

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