Peninsula Valdes Tour in Puerto Madryn

Patagonia Travel Argentina Travel Posted on 08/18/2015

Most visitors to Argentina do not realize how diverse and vast the Patagonia region is. It encompasses snowy glaciers, staggering mountains, and rugged coastline. Along this coastline lies Puerto Madryn and the small area of Peninsula Valdes, known for its magnificent wildlife viewing.

If you plan a trip to Puerto Madryn, you definitely have to make time for a full-day Peninsula Valdes tour. Peninsula Valdes is a UNESCO World Heritage site focused on the conversation and preservation of marine mammals. To enter the peninsula, you must cross a narrow strip of land bordered by the sea on both sides. The 400 km shoreline consists of a series of gulfs, rocky cliffs, bays and deep lagoons with extensive sandy and pebble beaches, coastal sand dunes and scattered islands.

First, you will arrive at the natural creek Caleta Valdes, home to a permanent colony of sea elephants. During the Peninsula Valdes tour, you will learn about the important breeding populations of the southern elephant seals and southern sea lions in the area. It is the only reported population in the world where its protected population is increasing!

Next, continue along the road to a sudden drop and opening onto the golden view overlooking the blue bay and small town of Puerto Piramides. The golden cliffs and the sparkling bay are some of themes beautiful sights in Argentina. Take a look above and try to spot some of the wide variety of migratory birds flying in the sky.

To complete the Peninsula Valdes tour, take a boat trip around the Golfo Nuevo bay and look for southern right whales! If you are visiting from late June to mid December, you have a chance to observe the whales in this natural habitat and they unique hunting strategies. The whales have some of the toughest hunting strategies, and can snatch a sea lion or sea elephant in mere seconds. The peninsula navigator will take you up close and personal with the whales. You might even get wet from their air jumps!

For lovers of nature and animals, the Peninsula Valdes tour offers a magical experience. Say Hueque can organize your entire trip to Puerto Madryn and the full day Peninsula Valdes tour.

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