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Posted on 10/10/2015 Foodies' Guide

Argentina Food: 5 Best Snacks From a Buenos Aires Kiosko

As any typical foreigner traveling through Buenos Aires, your head is probably buzzing with dreams of Argentina food like steaks you can cut with a spoon, romantic tango artists dancing along the colorful walls of La Boca, and long nights that turn into mornings at the most popular nightclubs in the city.

But, where is that post-boliche snack when you need it, or that quick breakfast bar you need to grab as you run out the door? Look no further than the Buenos Aires kiosks: the doom of anyone with a sweet tooth. Located on (almost) every block, and open any time of day or night, these kiosks will quiet the rumbling and grumbling of your starved tummy, and be your reliable source of energy when you need it most.

Whether you’re new to Buenos Aires, or just haven’t taken the time to truly appreciate these life-saving corner stores, here’s a definitive breakdown of the 5 most delicious snacks you’ll find in a Buenos Aires kiosk.

  • Colfer Chocolates

These savory-sweet bars are a personal favorite. It’s where milk chocolate meets almonds and the combination is something incredible. They come in various sizes ranging from quick-bite-on-the-go, to this-is-my-entire-dinner. Offered in nearly every kiosk, trust that Colfer chocolates can cure any sweet tooth.

  • Bon O Bon

A classic in the list of Argentine sweets, Bon O Bons are the perfect bite-sized snack when on the quest to find a delicious treat. They can be best compared to a rice-crispy treat, formed into a ball, and coated in dark, milk, or white chocolate. Easily consumed in 2 bites (or less if you’re really hungry) these little guys are the perfect sweet treat for any occasion.

  • Levite Juices

Summertime in the city can get hot. When you’re in need of a refresher, look no further than Levite juices. Not nearly as sweet as caffeinated drinks, but a little more flavor than water, these thirst-quenching drinks are a perfect in-between. Levite juices come in a wide range of flavors including; apple, orange, grapefruit, and more!

  • Alfajores

An integral part of Argentine culture, these delicate cookies are a perfect combination of two soft, crumbly cookies surrounding a generous helping of dulce de leche. In fact, dulce de leche is what makes an alfajor an alfajor. This traditional caramel filling is simply condensed sugar and milk made into a sweet, syrupy sauce.

Alfajores are perfect to eat all the time, whether you pick up a decadent, triple-layer Oreo alfajor or an expensive, traditional Cachafaz. They’re considered the “gold standard” of every household’s treats to have on hand. Often for birthdays, coworkers will bring in a batch of alfajores to share with everyone. If you leave Argentina without biting into one of these delectable cookies, you’re doing something wrong.

  • Pepas

A picnic favorite, Pepas embody everything you want and need when you feel like you’re about to eat your left hand. Doughy exteriors and strawberry fillings make this treat taste like a cookie from heaven. They’re great for any eating occasion. Breakfast? Pepas. Lunch? Pepas. Late night snack? Pepas! Grab a bag at the nearest kiosk and you’ll have a tasty snack for the rest of your day.

For a deeper look on the Argentina food scene, check this out. Or if you want to make it to Argentina yourself, don’t hesitate in contacting a Say Hueque agent today!

Written by Hillary Skeffington

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