Ideal Patagonia Walks for Tamer Explorers

Argentina Travel Posted on 04/20/2016

There’s no doubt Patagonia’s mighty Andes excite and attract thrill-seeking adventurers around the world. The most physically fit and bravest climbers and trekkers have throughout time sought out the But they might seem intimidating to less experienced explorers.

However, there are many more pleasant routes and trails that will still leave you in awe, without leaving your body completely exhausted. We’ve got a few suggestions for Patagonia walks for tamer explorers. These are places someone who’s older or may not be very physically fit can still benefit from.

1. Cerro Campanario

By far the best view in the Bariloche region is from Cerro Campanario. It’s the most popular for a reason, it’s easy to access and you get a breathtaking 360 view of all the blue lakes in the region. If you decide to walk it on foot, it’s about a 45-minute steep walk uphill. If you’d rather not walk, there is also a ski-lift option. Because it is so frequently visited, there are comforts when you reach the top—a café, restaurant, and bathrooms! This Patagonia walk is not to be missed when you travel to Bariloche. You’ll feel as if the whole world is at your fingertips.


2. Cerro Llao Llao

Nestled amongst the bright blue lakes of the Bariloche region, Cerro Llao Llao is a small hill with great views of the area. This trail starts off flat before a gentle incline and at the top, it offers a spectacular view over the Nahuel Huapi Lake. It takes a total of 2-3 hours, making it a great option for less-extreme Patagonia walks.

3. El Chalten

This town established in the 1980s is heaven for hikers and has the best Patagonia walks. The most well-known hike that starts in El Chaltén is the Fitz Roy hike. With a spectacular view of the mighty mount Fitz Roy himself, this hike is extremely strenuous even for advanced hikers. However, there are plenty of easier hikes in El Chaltén such as Laguna Torre. This walk takes a few hours but it’s on flat land, and the endpoint is a beautiful view of a glacier lake. Not a bad place to take a rest or lunch break!


4. El Bolsón

Two hours south of Bariloche is the hippy town of El Bolsón. With fewer tourists but still beautiful mountain scenery, this is a good and less well-known hiking spot. In general, the mountains are less steep and tall than in Bariloche, making it a good place to find Patagonia walks for tamer explorers. There are many short hikes dotted with icy cold lagoons and crystal blue rivers, such as Cajon Azul, Lago Natación, Los Laguitos, etc.

5. Lago Puelo

Just a short bus ride away from El Bolsón lies Lago Puelo. This bright blue lake hosts a small national park with short 30-minute to 2-hour hikes around its stunning beauty. You’ll get a variety of views of the water, and they are well worth it.

Written by Chloe Moore

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