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Patagonia: Travel Warnings in Covid Times

For the moment foreigners can not travel to Argentina and Chile. However, Government has been changing the traveler restrictions very fast in the last period! Leave your email address and we’ll keep you posted on the last updates on travel requirements to visit Argentina and Chile.

UPDATED September 13, 2021

Patagonia is spread between Chile and Argentina. Both countries have different travel restrictions to enter the territory, so let’s talk about the travel warnings specially designed to visit Patagonia.

The situation in Chile and Argentina right now

While Chile has reopened its borders, Argentina has recently closed them to foreign travelers. That includes the region of Patagonia which is only available to visit for internal tourism. 

However, foreign travelers are already welcome to the Chilean part of Patagonia, which included among many other natural attractions, the world-famous Torres del Paine.

Some of the current requirement established by the Chilean government upon arrival are:

  • A 7-day quarantine
  • A visa in some cases. You can check the requirements here
  • 48 before the departure to Chile, you must fill in an online application
  • 72 hours before traveling you must take a covid test.
  •  Travel insurance that covers any covid-19 related issues. 

Some useful tips to travel not only to Patagonia what anywhere right now: 

  • Be very meticulous when you read the terms and conditions of your flight. Many airlines are offering free cancelations or adjustments in case you have to reschedule your trip. 
  • Some insurance companies offer what they call a Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) service for an extra cost which may be worthly in these uncertain times. 

Now, once you get to access Chile we can focus on the Patagonia travel warnings that you should take into account to avoid any complications during your trip.

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Chilean Patagonia travel warnings

If you are planning to visit Torres del Paine you will probably stay a night in Puerto Natales, the nearest city to the National Park. While in regular times you can stay in Puerto Natales whenever you want, now you can only overnight during the week.

In order to access the park and to avoid unnecessary crowds, you can now buy the tickets in advance. Also, you have to check-in before entering, otherwise, you won’t be allowed to visit the park. You can use the ticket entrance (a QR code) up to 15 days before and after the declared date to visit the national park.

Other warnings to visit Patagonia in Argentina and Chile

Visit Patagonia will require you to follow the same sanity protocols established everywhere in the world. That’s to say:

  • Use a cover mask to circulate.
  • Maintain a 2-meter distance from others.
  • Sneeze using your elbow. 
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 60 seconds.
  • Take a hand sanitizer with you and do not share it with others. 
  • Maintain ventilation in close spaces.
  • Regularly wash your personal objects. 

Not a warning but a piece of good news about visiting Patagonia

It’s important for you to know that Patagonia itself has been declared a Safe Destination for the World Travel and Tourism Council. Why? Because:

  • In Argentina, the region has successfully applied all the national safety protocols.
  • Patagonia is naturally the region with fewer inhabitants and more protected natural areas.
  • Most parts of the travel activities you can do in Patagonia are held in plain air. 
  • Its vastness makes really easy to live an isolated and safe vacation.

To know more about the Safe Travel Stamps and the countries that applied you can follow this link

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