Optional Tours in Puerto Madryn

Patagonia Travel Argentina Travel Posted on 01/16/2016

Looking for something a little more structured to do in Puerto Madryn besides wandering around? Don’t get me wrong—wandering is great fun, but sometimes you want a plan that takes you directly to see the best parts of the area. After all, when you only have a couple days to experience a place, you want to see as much as you can.

Tours are great opportunities to see the most beautiful and exciting parts of Patagonia while also learning a bit of background information and history. If they’re group tours, they allow you to meet other travelers and also learn a portion of what’s made Argentina the country it is today.

The following are all things you can do with us at Say Hueque in Puerto Madryn to give you more variety during your stay.


If you have some free time and you wish to have a look to sea lions near our city, we can take you to the first Reserve of Marine Fauna of the entire Patagonian coast. It is a place where the colonies of sea lions live together with the colonies of black-necked Cormorants, also called Cormorants Rockers since they built their nests on the cliffs over the sea.

It is a good excuse to move away a little from the noise of the city and, in a few minutes, you can enjoy the contrasts and the silences that permit you to live the Real Patagonia.


Here, we propose to you another option for one of the exciting tours in Puerto Madryn: a short day out about 17 km away from the city, to try a unique experience. It will be possible for you to get closer and closer to the southern right whales from coast and watch them in its natural habitat without any type of contact forced with man.

It is the place that these marine mammals choose year after year for the copula and give birth. We will be here for the necessary time to enjoy it, whether it be whale watching from the coast or walking along the large extensions of beach. Before returning to Puerto Madryn, we will check out the Patagonia Natural Foundation located in the cliff of “Punta Flecha”. Here you will be able to have a close view to the natural beauty of the area and, if you are interested, you will have a chance to ask any questions to the scientists who observe and study these whales.

People watching whales


We start from the center of the Spa Coral Diving, sailing along the coast to the seal colony at Punta Lomo Puerto Madryn. There we can interact with the stable colony of more than 900 of these curious little guys for 45 minutes (maximum time stipulated by the authorities of booking).

Get in touch with us at Say Hueque for both more tours in Puerto Madryn and throughout the country; we have something for everyone!

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