Night of the Museums Returns to Buenos Aires

Have you ever noticed how many museums there are in Buenos Aires? While museums are common in large cities around the world,the unparalleled appreciation of art and all things cultural that resides in Buenos Aires has given rise to a city full of museums. From ancient history to modern art and everything in between, the public museums in Buenos Aires are found throughout the city and provide entertainment not only for the typical tourist crowds, but for local residents as well. Seeking to increase the public’s appreciation for such an impressive collection of museums, the government of Buenos Aires established an unprecedented Night of the Museums, which allows the public free access to over 200 museums in Buenos Aires for one special night in November each year.

The first Night of the Museums took place in Berlin in 1997 and eventually spread to over 120 cities throughout Europe. Hoping to mimic the successful nature of this tradition, Buenos Aires soon adopted the idea as well. Coordinated by the City of Buenos Aires’ Ministry of Culture, La Noche de los Museos began in 2004 and has grown in popularity each year since. With a mission to increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of local museums, this coordinated effort has proven successful in Buenos Aires, where much of the public is unaware of the opportunities available to them in the form of museums. In addition, participating in this annual event allows museums not only the opportunity to educate the local community, but also to reach out to the public with information on the changing circumstances and needs of the museum.

The 2019 Night of the Museums from 8:00 pm to 3:00 am on a Saturday in November that is yet to be determined, and will offer residents and visitors of Buenos Aires the chance to visit more than 200 museums and public spaces free of charge. Along with the free entrance, visitors will find special documentaries, guided tours, concerts, and other entertaining activities at the museums that will keep the whole family occupied. And as an additional benefit public transportation will also be free of charge throughout the night, giving everyone an opportunity to explore the museums around the city.

Museums open to the public in Buenos Aires for the 2019 edition of Night of the Museums include the Museum of Spanish Art, the Museum of Latin American Art (MALBA), the Museum of Popular Art, the Museum of Sculptures, the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Evita Museum, the Museum of the House of Carlos Gardel and the Planetarium. Along with the other participating museums, these museums represent the cultural and artistic influences in Buenos Aires and contain within them a large volume of educational exhibitions and beautiful works of art. The chance to see them for free is an outstanding opportunity that should not be missed. 

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Written by Will Collier Nov. 8, 2014. Updated May 17, 2019.


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