New Patagonia Kayak Opportunity: Upsala Kayak Experience

Patagonia Travel Posted on 10/22/2015

The Upsala Glacier is one of the most important glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park and the second biggest in Argentina. With a surface area of approximately 850 square meters and reaching a height of over 60 meters above the level of the surrounding lake, its huge size is only part of the reason it is famous. The new Upsala Kayak Experience then is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience worth doing.

1. What is Upsala Glacier known for?

What makes this glacier even more special is that it was previously only visible by way of boat navigation through the Upsala Channel, an excursion that has been closed during recent years due to the large number of icebergs that impeded the access of the channel. However, those interested in seeing the Upsala Glacier like never before now have an incredible opportunity at their disposal.

upsala kayak experience

2. Upsala Kayak Experience: All about

Intending to provide adventure and nature lovers the opportunity to participate in a wholly unique and exclusive activity in South America, we have established a new Patagonia kayak course: Upsala Kayak Experience. This course takes place entirely in the Upsala Channel of the Lake Argentino and gives participants the chance to navigate in double-touring kayaks around icebergs of all shapes and sizes, always following safety protocols.

With professional guides and small groups of passengers, the Upsala Kayak Experience begins with a guided navigation of slow paddling through the Lake Argentino that is adapted to the level of each group as well as to the day’s specific weather conditions. During this time participants will not only have the chance to get accustomed to the area but will also see and learn about the native flora and fauna. After this navigation participants will have an instruction period that will prepare them for the kayaking excursion and give them the equipment that they will use.

Following the instructional period, the group departs in their kayaks for a 2-hour guided excursion through the Upsala Channel, where they will go at a slow speed that is comfortable for the whole group. Along the way, the group will continue to learn about interesting parts of the region, while all the while having beautiful views of the Patagonian surroundings. This Patagonia kayak experience is truly one of a kind and is definitely something adventure lovers should check out if planning a trip to El Calafate!

upsala kayak experience

3. Important Things to Know:

  • Minimum Number of Passengers Required to Confirm Excursion: 2
  • Maximum Capacity of Passengers Per Day: 15
  • Total Duration of the Activity: All day
  • Duration of Kayak Excursion: 2 hours
  • Minimum Age: 18 years
  • No previous kayaking experience is necessary
  • Equipment included: kayaks, paddles, complete waterproof dry suit, clothes for wearing under the suit, kayaking boots, life jacket, waterproof bags for personal belongings
  • Level of physical difficulty: Medium

For more information about this Patagonia kayak opportunity or to start planning your trip to Patagonia, contact Say Hueque!

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