Nahuel Huapi National Park

Argentina Travel Posted on 09/07/2011

Updated to April 2024

Nahuel Huapi National Park is the perfect mix of fun, adventure and unsurpassed beauty. The oldest national park in all of Argentina, Nahuel Huapi is nearly 2 million acres of natures finest. With the Andes Mountains and Chile as its western border, the completely protected national park is known as the Argentine Lake District. Lake Nahuel Huapi is its deepest and largest lake, at well over a thousand feet deep and over 250 square miles, but it will not be the only one to amaze you. The park has tons of marvelous sights that attract thousands and thousands of tourists to Patagonia each and every year.

The town of Bariloche is located on the southern shore of the lake and it’s the most important tourist hub in the park, also known as the “Honeymoon Capital” of Argentina. From here, travelers can be enamored in any direction they travel. Surrounding the town are the pristine glaciers and waterfalls near Pampa Lenda, the thunderous mountains like Mount Tronador, the road of the Seven Lakes with its spectacular views, and the gorgeous Lake Mascardi. Natural beauty is all around, and it is just the start. People flock to the bases of the Andes Mountains for promises of epic adventure and fun. Travelers can trek the steep slopes or mountaineer the high peaks, wind through path after path of ski runs and make a relaxing campsite and enjoy the unreal panoramic views of magnificence. For any outdoor enthusiast or simple nature lover, Nahuel Huapi National Park is a must-visit destination.

Nahuel Huapi

Each and every dazzling scene comes with activities to make your trip the most unforgettable one ever, and they can be experienced from every single angle. Why not start in the sky? Hang gliding excursions are offered in the park. One can kayak in Patagonia or horseback ride around the faultless lakes and travel past streams and forest, if hiking isn’t your preferred method of travel. Visitors to the park can also fish or fly-fish in the lakes as well, but did you know that you could go inside as well? The park offers kayaking, rafting and windsurfing on its perfect lakes and waters.

Don’t think you only come to Nahuel Huapi National Park for a couple of views and some pictures. Its flourishing beauty will leave you breathless as you have the time of your life with all these numerous activities and more. Afterwards, tourists can relax in Bariloche and try some of the artisan brewed beer or it’s world famous rich chocolate. There is something here for everyone.

Nahuel Huapi National Park’s beautiful lakes, forests and mountains are packed with tons of wildlife for every traveler to appreciate. Attributed to the park’s very diverse climates, regions and altitude, all types of flora and fauna can be seen everywhere. From the high parts of the mountains to the lower valleys near the water, hikers can see anything from 450-year-old evergreen trees, Patagonian cypress and even bamboo. The animal scene promises just as much variety as its plants. Tourists have witnessed different types of river otter, cougar, foxes and deer for starters. The number of birds is astonishing as well, as one can find condors, woodpeckers, parakeets, swans and cormorants of every color. You will be taken back by everything that you can find in Nahuel Huapi National Park. The best part is, all of these amazing things to be seen can be done while mountain biking, rock climbing or even playing golf! From its lowest point, to over nine thousand feet higher, there is something for every traveler in every part of the park.

Nahuel Huapi

No matter what, no tourist should skip out on chair lifting to Cerro Campanario where one can see the view of all seven of the park’s regions. Not to mention, National Geographic voted it as one of the top 10 views in the entire world. What are you waiting for? For further information about tours in Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina vacations or tours in Patagonia, contact Argentina travel experts, Say Hueque – Tours in Argentina

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