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Foodies' Guide Posted on 05/08/2019

Peru, the land of the legendary Incas, has quite a mythical feel to it. Peruvian culture is a complex mixture of native and Hispanic traditions, which means that there plenty of things to do and learn if you are there to explore. Besides offering delicious and diverse food, Peru also has some unique Peruvian drinks that you absolutely must try if you visit the area. Peru is a multicultural city and its festivals, such as the Feast of San Juan in June, give you a great chance to try out some of the drinks listed below.

  • Pisco Sour

This is considered Peru’s national cocktail. Pisco Sour is made with a srong base of Peruvian Pisco, a brandy-like liquor made from fermented grapes. It also consists of a mixture of lime juice, syrup, egg white, ice, and Angostura bitters. The sour and sweet tastes mix effortlessly and balance eachother well. This drink actually has an entire day dedicated to it – the first Saturday of every February is National Pisco Sour Day. A lighter alternative to this drink is Chilcano, which simply adds ginger ale to the mix.

  • Peruvian Beer

Beer is easily the most consumed alcoholic beverage. You have 3 major beer brands to choose from – Pilsen Callao, Cristal and Cusqueña. Cusquena is the premium beer as it’s the most expensive and has the best taste. Pilsen Callao is the main beer served in restaurants. Cristal is the one you have in a group of people. Another lesser known brand of beer is the Brahma, which is consumed by younger people due to its low price.

  • Chichas

There are two variations of this beverage. Chicha Morada is a unique drink made from purple corn. An addition of cinnamon, sugar, limejuice, and one other fruit— typically pineapple— completes this drink. It’s one of the finer drinks of Peru and is very well-known.

Chicha de Jora is a drink made from classic yellow corn, but this time, is fermented. Peruvian people have been enjoying this drink for centuries. It can be found in small Andean villages in the Sacred Valley. This drink starts with a sweet taste, but ends on a sour note. It’s good for those with a sweet tooth.  

  • Inca Kola

This is the most popular soft drink in Peru. It is a yellow-colored soda that is extremely sweet and tastes a bit like bubble gum. The origins of Inca Kola go back to 1910. It’s known as the “Pride of Peru” and it can be served with alcohol or non-alcoholic depending on your preference. This is the drink offered with most food, and we absolutely guarantee you will see it if you are visiting Peru.

  • Emoliente

Emoliente is an earthy drink which provides health benefits for your liver, digestive system, throat, and more. It’s normally sold by street vendors in colder weather since it is typically consumed while hot, though it can be put on ice for a refreshing summer cool-down. It is created using a base of herbs including flax seeds, dried horsetail and barley.

  • Quebrada de Ihaunco

This wine pairs well with Peruvian food, particularly with some iconic dishes like ceviche (fresh fish marinated in citrus juice with fresh onion, chilli and corn, and coriander). Quebrada de Ihaunco’s distinct fruity flavour of sour cherry and a hint of pecan goes well with many regional cuisines, and is a must-try for all wine aficionados who are exploring Peru.

  • Algarrobina Cocktail

If you’re looking for a sweet and creamy drink, then this is the one for you! The dark syrup made from the Black Carob tree, which is the main ingredient of this drink, makes for a cold, sweet, and delicious cocktail.

  • Caspiroleta

Are you looking for a hot alcoholic beverage? Caspiroleta is the answer. It’s a hot Pisco recipe that is popular in many regions of Peru, but particularly in Ica, a colonial town.

  • Aguaymanto Sour

This Peruvian cocktail is prepared from physalis juice, pisco (Peruvian grape hard liquor), syrup and egg white. It has a sweet and slightly bitter taste.

You are now armed with a solid list of Peru’s best beverages. So, if you are planning on visiting Peru any time soon, make sure to try one of these famous drinks. They are a refreshing way to make your trip even more culturally rich!


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