Must-See Viewpoints in Torres Del Paine

Patagonia Travel Chile Travel Posted on 11/21/2018

Looking for Must-See Viewpoints in Torres Del Paine ? If you are planning to visit this famous National Park in Chile, chances are that you are already aware of its astounding beauty.

From those seeking a thrilling, adventurous hiking experience, to those looking for a peaceful, serene environment, the park caters to all type of visitors.

However, with the park encompassing a massive area of over half a million acres, you are sure to get lost in its charm.

Here is a list of must-see viewpoints, to help you navigate your way through this enchanting landscape. Please ensure that you have all essentials items for hiking and extra batteries for your camera and mobile phone. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss capturing that picturesque beauty!

1.     Hike to the base of Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine, or the Towers of Paine, require a four-hour trip to the base. These giant granite peaks spurt from lake very close to each other, soaring over half a mile into the sky, and greatly resemble a tiger’s teeth. These majestic towers rising from a serene blue lake are bound to take your breath away.

2.     Hike the Glaciar Grey (Grey Glacier)

After crossing the dense Lenga, Coigue and Nirre forests and lagoons, this four hours hike will end with a frosty, cool view of the lake and the Grey Glacier. Peek into the deep crevices and explore hidden ice caves. This is a must if you want to observe a gigantic ice formation up-close.

3.     Trek to the Valle France (French Valley)

Considered to be the most challenging yet most incredible hike, this is a must for diehard trekkers. Starting form Cuernos or Lago Pehoe, it requires a total of five hours for a one way trip, out of which the first three hours is a rollercoaster of ascents and descents. However, the wondrous view of the hanging glaciers and avalanches at the end, along with the spectacular Paine Grande, Torres del Paine and Los Cuernos surrounding them, will be worth every ounce of your efforts.

4.     Trail to Lago Pingo (Pingo Lake)

Usually less visited, this trail is a promising spot for bird-watching. It follows an easy walk through a tranquil valley, followed by a lush, green forest and then past an old baqueano post. This trail can be made as short or long as you like since the return is through the same path. But whatever the length, the view at each step is equally gratifying.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, visiting Torres del Paine National Park will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. So if you want to make the most out of your experience, and not regret over missing anything out, be sure to follow these suggestions.

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Have a happy hike!

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