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Mendoza Bike Tours

Wine regions around the world pride themselves by offering tours to explore the vineyards. Many times these tours can be connected to local food and customs and organized as either group or private tours. The special thing about visiting Mendoza is that it is famous for its tours by bicycle!

Mendoza bike tours are readily available for all types of wine drinkers. Many can be arranged in private tours, in large group tours, or a more independent style tour. Mendoza bike tours are perfect if you are looking for a chance to explore the beautiful scenery of Mendoza wineries and the surrounding area. Enjoy the fresh air and get to know the beautiful Argentina wine country!

Here is a brief description of the different options for Mendoza bike tours:

Open Group Tours

If you are looking to meet other visitors in the area and participate in a social activity, then an open group tour is the best option. You will visit various wineries in a larger biking group led by your guide. Martin’s Bikes and Mendoza Bikers Day Tours are good options if you are first time visitors to Mendoza and want to see the area outside of town.

Private Tours

Couples, families, or groups of friends might prefer to have a private Mendoza bike tour. This way, you can personally plan what you want to see, like smaller family-run wineries or special wine and food tastings. EcoBikes Wine Tour and Mendoza Wine Bike Tour have private options with personable guides who have a wealth of information on the production of wine in the area.

Independent Tours

Organized tours might not be your thing, so luckily there is the option to rent a bike on your own and ride to the wineries with a mapped out tour. You can take your time, choosing how long you want to stay at each winery and the pace you go at. Bikes and Wines, Mr. Hugo’s Bikes, and Baccus Vineyards Biking are rent out bikes from Mendoza city and provide maps and general information on the area and wineries.

If you are planning a trip to Mendoza, don’t miss out on Mendoza bike tours! For other Mendoza travel tips, continue reading our blog, or contact Say Hueque today to start planning your perfect trip!

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