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Los Glaciares National Park

Los Glaciares National Park is the second largest national park in Argentina, but it holds its spot at number one in most travelers’ hearts. The area of over 4000 square kilometers is home to a winter wonderland that glistens with an unimaginable twilight. One would have to see it to believe it. In the providence of Santa Cruz in Argentine Patagonia is where you will find this ice haven, complete with its mountains, glaciers, lakes, wildlife and immaculate arctic views.

Los Glaciares National Park can be divided into two different parts for travelers to experience. Lake Argentino in the south, the largest in the whole country, dominates this Patagonian land. Boat excursions between the icebergs and largest glaciers are a must, for some of them can only be seen by boat. Others, accessible by land, are awe-inspiring. Many tourists begin their journey here, in the village of El Calafate, which is on the shore of the lake.

Lake Viedma, in the north, is home to Viedma Glacier and Mount Fitz Roy. The village of El Chalten, at the foot of the mountain, is another starting point for adventurers. This is the most popular spot for explorers who love to climb and trek. Both lakes are connected to the Santa Cruz River that shines through this incredible landscape.

The giant ice cap in Los Glaciares National Park feeds over 40 glaciers, and it is the largest outside of Antarctica and Greenland. One third of the park is covered by ice that can tower up to 1500 meters in the air and confound the senses. In these harsh times of global warming, this is one of the very few places on the planet where one can find that natural majesty of sliding glaciers and icebergs, peacefully gleaming in this serene environment.

Don’t let all the crystal surroundings fool you; the wildlife of the Los Glaciares National Park is an experience all in itself. Cougar, deer and gray fox can be spotted amongst the vivid mountain ranges, subpolar forests and snowy valleys, while hundreds of species of birds, including condors, ducks and eagles, will be overhead. Some areas, being more hospitable than others, promise wildlife encounter for all adventurers. Words and pictures have a hard time justifying the stupendous views that Patagonia offers.

It is a place filled with repose as well as mayhem. Tourists can experience all four seasons in a single day, with ever changing cycles of gleaming sun, buffeting wind, light snow or heavy rain at any given moment. Though, don’t worry, stunning sunsets are a guarantee. As you traverse glaciers, you will stand in awe of the iridescence of the water and ice affected by unadulterated sunlight.

While you climb high mountain passes, near the 3000m and greater peaks of Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, you will be astonished by the rocky, icy and steep daggers that cut into the heavens. During your crossings of raging glacial steams, both by foot and suspended by rope, you will stagger at the remote beauty and stand in awe of nature’s creations.

The Andes Mountains promise plenty of blue skies for you to gawk at the clearness and flawless landscape, which can be matched by ice of the same color, compressed during hundreds of years of sliding glaciers and arctic temperatures. The towering grandeur of being inside a 100-foot deep crevasse of faultless ice-walls will overwhelm the senses.

To see a sunset over the mountains and ice valleys is nothing short of perfect. No camera will fully capture the colors or the vastness one can witness from this part of the globe. That ambiance and feeling in the air is draped over the natural scenery and brings tranquility to the soul. Once perched on one of these mountains or glaciers, you will never want to leave.

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