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Posted on 12/02/2017 Tips & Recommendations

Know Before You Go: Easter Island, Chile

Located among the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is a must visit if you’re heading to Chile. The island has a total area of 63 square miles and hosts a whopping 900 amazing Moai statues, more commonly known as Easter Island Heads. Being one of the most secluded parts of the Earth, it’s also one of the calmest places on earth which makes it the ideal destination for peace loving travelers. Even if this island is largely devoid of a lot of amenities, it still has a serene, wilderness feel with horses grazing on the luscious hills and the gorgeous Pacific against the background, rendering it the perfect place to reconnect with nature.

For those visiting Easter Island, her is a list of things you must know before you set out to travel:

Things to Do



If you’re going to Easter Island, you have to experience the monolithic carvings that are abundant in the Rapa Nui National Park which occupies almost half of Easter Island! The park has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to the amazing stone shrines housed in it.  Take a tour of this park to learn about the history of Easter Island.

You can also take a visit to Ahu Tongariki, toward the Southern part of the island. It hosts 15 incredible Moais silhouetted against the bright skies. In addition, you can stop at Rano Raraku, a volcano were hundreds of Moais are found.

If you’re interested in the history of this island, pay a visit Father Sebastian Englert Anthropological Museum. As the only museum on the island, it has an amazing collection of artifacts that let you look back at the history of this region.


Heading here from Santiago, take a day to explore the island´s beaches. Experience the gorgeous Playa de Anakena, a white, sandy beach dotted with palm trees and encircled by resident Moai. The stunning blue-green waters amidst the historical framework lend visitors a truly amazing experience.

Anakena 3


Satisfy your craving for some adventure by visiting the volcanoes Rano Raraku and Rano Kau. While the former hosts an impressive collection of Moais, the latter allows you to do some hiking from where you can see panoramic views of the island.


Every tourist wants to load up on some souvenirs to remember their trip forever.  Feria is a great market that offers fresh fish in the morning and some amazing handicrafts for tourists all day long. Explore the main street, Atamu Tekena dotted with great shops and restaurants.

What to Eat

Food is an integral part of any trip! If you wish to dine with the stunning aqua waters as your view, La Kaleta is the ideal choice. Enjoy the stunning view with fresh food.

If you want to pig out on some fresh seafood, Te Moana should be your first stop. Devour fresh oysters while enjoying the scenic views this island has to offer before heading back to the hub of Chile.

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